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2018 Trips
Humberside Feb 7th Matt Falcus Chris Smith    
Humberside & Doncaster Feb 16th Richard Bowater      
Oxfordshire and the Midlands Feb 21st - Feb 24th Chris Smith      
Orlando International Spotting and photo info Jan John Spencer      
MIami and Surrounding area Feb 24th - Mar 5th Dave Anderson      
DTVMovements Nightshoot Mar 9th Dave Anderson Chris Smith Dave Rose and guests


2017 Trips
Kemble Jan 4th Dave Rose
Gatwick Jan 11th - Jan 12th Chris Smith      
Thailand - Phuket and Bankok with a little Dubai Jan 25th - Feb 1st Dave Anderson Dave Rose    
Manchester and something different Mar 17th Richard Bowater      
Manchester Mar 24th Matt Falcus Chris Smith    
Leeming - Typhoon's Mar 28th David Thompson      
Heathrow Jun 19th - Jun 20th Chris Smith      
Holland and Germany Jul 28th - Jul 30th Dave Rose Dave Anderson Chris Smith  
Heathrow Aug 8th - Aug 9th Dave Rose      
Aberdeen Sep 14th Dave Rose      
Leeds Heliport - Coney Park Sep 12th David Thompson      
Rufforth - Gyrocopter Experience Sep 15th David Thompson      
Manchester Airport Oct 5th Richard Bowater      
Coningsby Oct 9th Chris Smith      
Fokker 70 Farewell Oct 21st FoDTVA      
A Return to Rufforth Oct 29th David Thompson      
RAF Leeming RTP Nov 23rd David Thompson      
Eshott, Northumberland Dec 27th David Thompson      

2016 Trips
Amsterdam Jan 30th - Jan 31st Chris Smith
Raptor Hunting Apr 28th Chris Smith      
Around Europe Jun 9th - Jun 21st Dave Rose      
RAF Leeming Jun 14th David Thompson      
A Cargo of Spam Jul 6th - Jul 8th Chris Smith      
Amsterdam Schipol Jul 16th Dave Rose      
GA flight to Toulouse, via Bordeaux Aug 5th - Aug 7th Dave Anderson Dave Rose Chris Smith  
Usworth NELSAM open day Sep 11th David Thompson      
RAF Mildenhall base tour Sep 20th FoDTVA      
Amsterdam and Aviodrome Museum Oct 29th - Oct 30th Matt Falcus      
Dublin a cheap day out Nov 23rd Richard Bowater      
London via Amsterdam Nov 27th - Dec 1st Chris Smith      
Birmingham Dec 20th - Dec 21st Dave Rose      


2015 Trips
RAF Boulmer Jan 14th David Thompson      
Weather Warning Jan 28th - Jan 29th Chris Smith      
Newark Air Museum Jan 31st David Thompson      
Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport Tour Feb 3rd - Feb 4th Chris Smith Matt Falcus Paul Watterson Paul Tasker
Heathrow Feb 26th - Feb 28th Dave Rose      
Museums Mar 12th - Mar 13th Chris Smith      
Sturgate / Scampton Mar 18th David Thompson      
Gibraltar Apr 12th - Apr 17th Chris Smith Mark Shevill    
RAF Valley Base visit Apr 21 - 22nd David Thompson      
Manchester May 7th Dave Rose      
Mildenhall AFB Tour May 12th David Thompson Chris Smith + others  
Caen and Jersey Jun 5th - Jun 7th Dave A, Colin, Chris and crew    
Palma, Majorca Jun 22nd - Jun 29th Chris Smith      
Athens Etc Jun 19th - Jun 30th Dave Rose      
Dublin Jul 2nd Dave Rose      
Usworth - Save the Trident launch Jul 11th David Thompson      
Belarus TBC Matt Falcus      
Bagby Fly-in Jul 25th David Thompson      
Croft Nostaga Weekend Aug 9th David Thompson      
Spitfires Aug 13th David Thompson      
Manchester-London Aug 21st - Aug 23rd Chris Smith      
Strathaven Ballon Festival Aug 29th - Aug 31st Richard Bowater      
Carlisle Airport Sept 2nd David Thompson      
RAF Linton on Ouse FoDTVA base visit Sept 23rd David Thompson      
Dublin Sept 30th Rob Smith      
Ports of Call Sept 30th - Oct 6th Dave Rose      
Multiflight at Leeds Bradford with Air Yorkshire Oct 7th David Thompson      
RAF Leeming Base visit Oct 15th David Thompson      
Midlands Mayhem Oct 12th - Oct 13th Chris Smith      
Dubai and Dubai Air Show Nov 7th - Nov 12th Dave Anderson Dave Rose    
London City Nov 25th - Nov 26th Chris Smith      


2014 Trips
Base visit to RAF Shawbury Jan 23rd Ade Hairsine
Gloucestershire Jan 27th Dave Anderson Colin Granton David Breden Chris Smith
Ireland North & South Feb 19th - 20th Ade Hairsine      
Amsterdam Nuclear Summit Mar 22nd - Mar 23rd Dave Anderson Dave Rose Ian McMaster Aidan Williamson
RAF Tristar last sortie report & pics Mar 24th Matt Falcus      
RAF Scampton / RAF Coningsby Mar 24th David Thompson      
RAF-Run May 20th Chris Smith      
Manchester Jun 12th Chris Smith      
Project Propeller - Gloucetershire Airport Jun 21st Dave Anderson Colin Granton Dave Breden  
Nevada / Arizona Jun 4th - Jun 21st Dave Rose      
Palma Jun 24th - Jul 1st Chris Smith      
Malaga Spain and surrounding area Aug 5th - Aug 19th Ade Hairsine      
Hamburg and Airbus Sep 23rd - Sep 24th Dave Rose      
P8A Poseidon and Archive Bits Oct 1st Eddie Douglas      
Dishforth (inc French Army) Nov 20th Richard Bowater      
Almost A Mist Opportunity Nov 25th - Nov 27th Chris Smith      
A Cumbrian Day Out Dec 1st David Thompson      
Fishburn Update Dec 3rd David Thompson      


2013 Trips
Mildenhall for the Swedes Jan 12th Ade Hairsine
Solway Aviation Museum Feb 18th Dave Rose
Manchester + Others Feb 26th - Feb 27th Chris Smith
Luton and away to the West Mar 6th - Mar 8th Dave Anderson
Trip to Bodney Mar 20th Ade Hairsine
Run out to Wales (inc St Athan) Mar 27th Ade Hairsine
RAF Waddington & others around Mar 28th Ade Hairsine
Yorkshire Air Museum Apr 7th Dave Rose
Blackpool Apr 8th Chris Smith
Carlisle for the Dutch Apr 15th Eddie Douglas
Scotland for Joint Warrior via Middle Wallop ! Apr 17th - Apr 18th Ade Hairsine
Leeuwarden, Netherlands for Frisian Flag Apr 23rd - Apr 24th Ade Hairsine
Carlise for Exercise Joint Warrior Apr 25th Eddie Douglas
Reykjavik, Iceland May 17th - May 21st Ian Gordon      
Istanbul via Amsterdam and Paris May 22nd - May 26th Dave Rose Aidan Williamson    
RAF Coningsby "Project Propeller" Jun 22nd Dave Anderson Colin Granton Dave Bredon  
Rome / Athens and points in-between Jun 17th - Jun 28th Dave Rose      
An-225 at Manchester Jun 24th Michael McNeil Michael Byrne Chris Smith  
RAF Waddington Air Show FoDTVA coach trip Jul 6th Dave Anderson      
Jersey in Piper Arrow G-STEA Jul 13th - Jul 14th Dave Anderson Dave Bredon Colin Granton  
Manchester and Leeds Jul 14th Dave Rose Ian McMaster Aidan Williamson  
Trialing Norwegian's Dreamliner Jul 17th - Jul 19th Chris Hall Chris Smith    
Holiday From Hell Jul 21st - Aug 4th Chris Smith      
Luton Airport 23/24 July 2013 Jul 23th - Jul 24th Dave Anderson      
Trip to Malaga, Spain Jul 31st - Aug 13th Ade Hairsine      
Newcastle "Dreamliner first visit" Aug 9th Eddie Douglas      
Diest flyin Belgium, Lille & popham flyin Aug 17th - Aug 18th Dave Anderson Colin Granton    
Edinburgh Aug 28th Chris Smith      
Malaga  Sep 28th - Oct 5th Dave Rose      
Lakenheath AFB Base Tour Oct 3rd Chris Smith      
London Nov 26th - Nov 27th Chris Smith      
South Africa Dec 5th - Dec 13th Pete Etherington      


2012 Trips
Yeovilton and Culdrose Base trips Jan 12th - Jan 13th Ade Hairsine
VC10 Graveyard at Bruntingthorpe Jan 15th Ian Ellington Richard Bowater
Scotland for the Moroccan's Jan 20th Ade Hairsine
Florida Jan 24th - Feb 1st Ian Ellington Craig McCorriston
NATS at Swanwick, Kemble, Staverton in G-BRDO Jan 28th Dave Anderson Colin Granton Dave Rose Chris Smith
Dublin Feb 13th Chris Smith Rob Smith
Playing Catch-up - Part I Mar 6th  - Mar 7th Chris Smith
Paris and others Feb 27th - Mar 15th Andrew Whitmore
Luton afternoon and evening Mar 14th Dave Anderson
Return to Shawbury Mar 29th Chris Smith
RAF Lossiemouth etc for Joint Warrior exercise Apr 15th Ade Hairsine
Germany, Switzerland, exercise Frisian flag & others Apr 19th - Apr 26th Ade Hairsine
Boeing 787 Dream Tour - Manchester Apr 24th Chris Smith Stuart Reid
Sharm El Sheikh Apr 26th - May 4th Dave Rose
Boeing 787 Dream Tour - London Heathrow Apr 30th Matt Falcus
Pinocchio's last flight - Ontario, Canada May 8th  - May 12th Ian Ellington
Poland May 13th - May 17th Ade Hairsine
Hamburg Airbus Factory tour Jun 3rd - Jun 4th Dave Anderson Dave Rose
G-BRDO The Return Home Jun 9th Dave Anderson Colin Granton
RAF Leeming families day Jun 9th David Thompson
Le Touquet and back Jun 13th Dave Anderson Colin Granton Matty Anderson
RAF Coningsby Enthusiasts Day Jun 15th David Thompson Stuart Reid Chris Smith
Palma June 16th & 23rd Jun 16th - Jun 23rd Aidan Williamson
London Jun 28th - Jun 29th Chris Smith
Male, Maldives via Dubai Jun 29th - Jul 7th Dave Anderson
RAF Waddington Airshow Jun 30th Dave Rose
Monarch Airlines 4th Enthusiast Event - Milan Malpensa Jul 5th - Jul 6th Chris Smith Stuart Reid
Luton / Northolt / Farnborough Airshow/ etc Jul 11th - Jul 12th Dave Rose
Montpellier Jul 23rd - Jul 26th Dave Rose
Olympic Traffic Jul 28th Dave Rose Ian Ellington
Corfu / Venice and other ports Sep 3rd - Sep 17th Dave Rose
Mustang Flight Oct 19th Daniel Boyd Danny Banks Jamie Pattison Chris Smith
London Marathon Oct 29th - Nov 1st Chris Smith
Last minute dash to Prestwick Dec 14th Ade Hairsine


2011 Trips
Denmark in the winter Jan 9th - Jan 13th Ade Hairsine
The North South Tour III Jan 11th - Jan 13th Chris Smith
Hungary, Austria, Slovakia & Romania Jan 21st - Jan 23rd Ade Hairsine
A Foggy Day in Yorkshire Feb 18th Chris Smith Rob Smith
A day out - Stansted, Mildenhall, Cambridge etc. Feb 19th Ade Hairsine
Rufforth, Baxby & Bagby Mar 12th Richard Bowater
Germany & UK Mar 12th - Mar 16th Ade Hairsine
Poland Mar 26th - Apr 2nd Ade Hairsine
Germany Apr 12th - Apr 15th Ade Hairsine
St Maarten and other delights Apr 21st - May 6th Dave Rose
"Osprey collecting" at Mildenhall etc Apr 26th Ade Hairsine
Royal Wedding Visitors Apr 29th Ade Hairsine
Big Drive South May 05th Chris Smith
Serbia and Romania May 18th - May 22nd Ade Hairsine
Flying the ATP May 21st - May 24th Matt Falcus
Manchester May 26th - Jun 10th Chris Smith
Champions League Final "Biz hunting" May 28th Dave Rose Ian McMaster Aidan Williamson
The George W Bush at Stokes Bay May 29th Ade Hairsine
Corfu Holiday Jun 3rd - Jun 17th Aidan Williamson
G-BRDO Wickenby Project Propeller Jun 10th Dave Anderson Colin Granton
Slovenia Jun 21st - Jun 23rd Ade Hairsine
G-BRDO Cambridge via Bagby Jun 26th Dave Anderson Colin Granton
RAF Linton on Ouse - Base visit Jul 11th David Thompson
Luton Airport Jul 20th Dave Anderson
Manchester Jul 23rd Dave Rose Ian McMaster Aidan Williamson
RAF Leeming Families Day Jul 30th David Thompson
Short and Sweet Aug 3rd Chris Smith
Weekend in Amsterdam Aug 6th -  Aug 7th Dave Anderson Dave Rose Ian McMaster Aidan Williamson
A trip around Scotland Aug 16th - Aug 18th Ade Hairsine
Something old - Something new Aug 20th - Aug 21st Ian Ellington Kev Perry
Sherburn Aero Club "Help the Hero's fly in" Aug 20th David Thompson
Athens and Venice Aug 27th - Sept 3rd Dave Rose
What a Nigerian Herk in the UK ! Aug 29th Ade Hairsine
Chasing Rumours Sep 5th Chris Smith
Olympic Practice Run Sep 8th Chris Smith Stuart Reid
RNAS Culdrose base visit Sep 9th Ade Hairsine
Saxon Air - "Ultimate FBO" Sep 26th Dave Rose
Germany and others enroute Sep 27th - Oct 1st Ade Hairsine
64th NBAA, Victorville, Los Angeles & others Oct 7th - Oct 14th Ian McMaster Dave Rose
China Lake NAS 25 years on Oct 15th Eddie Douglas      
Base visit to RAF Benson & RAF Odiham Nov 15th Ade Hairsine
Lakenheath for the Swedish Grippens Nov 17th Ade Hairsine
Birmingham Nov 27th Ian Ellington
Monarch Airlines Enthusiasts Day Dec 16th Chris Smith
Manchester Dec 27th Dave Rose Aidan Williamson


2010 Trips
The North South Tour II Jan 17th - Jan 24th Chris Smith Rob Smith
Hungary and others Jan 22nd - Jan 28th Ade Hairsine
A Dutch Day Out Feb 13th Ade Hairsine
Half Term Trip (EMA, NEW, DTV) Feb 13th - Feb 19th Rob Smith
A Lancashire Day Out Mar 6th Ade Hairsine
Shawbury & Cosford Mar 25th Dave Anderson and crew
A Zipper across to Holland Apr 9th - Apr 12th Ade Hairsine
A Volcanic Disaster! Apr 15th Chris Smith
Czech This Out Apr 24th - May 2nd Ade Hairsine
Start of the End Bruntingthorpe VC10's May 2nd Ian Ellington
RAF Coningsby "Enthusiasts day" Jun 11th Dave Anderson Gary Becks David Thompson
Japan Tokyo Hadena & Narita May 14th - May 22nd Ian McMaster
Zakynthos (Zante) Jun 6th - Jun 20th Aidan Williamson
Athens, and a few more bits Jun 13th - Jun 27th Dave Rose
Alicante Jul 6th -   Jul 13th Chris Smith
Frankfurt & Dusseldorf weekend Jul 23rd - Jul 25th Dave Anderson Dave Rose Ian McMaster
Palma de Mallorca Airport Jul 24th Ian Gordon
Venice Family Holiday Jul 25th - Jul 29th Rob Smith
Calling at all Bases Aug 3rd - Aug 6th Chris Smith
Madrid Aug 21st - Aug 24th Dave Rose Ian McMaster Aidan Williamson
RAF Leeming Families Day Sept 11th David Thompson
A380 at Manchester Sept 12th Dave Rose Ian McMaster Aidan Williamson
A trip to photo "Graffe" Migs in Bulgaria Sept 11th - Sept 20th Ade Hairsine
Almost at the top to almost at the bottom Oct 13th - Oct 14th Ade Hairsine
Last Call Oct 22nd Chris Smith
A quick dash down South Nov 4th Ade Hairsine
Germany Base Tours Nov 21th - Nov 25th Ade Hairsine
Dubai & Hong Kong Nov 24th - Dec 1st Ian McMaster


2009 Trips
Davos World Economic Forum Jan 30th - Feb 1st Dave Rose Ian McMaster Aidan Williamson  
Madrid / Cuatro Vientos / Torrejon Feb 8th - 9th Ian Gordon Paul Mitchell Peter Yearsley Paul Turnbull
Trip to the West Side Warton, Chester, Liverpool etc. Mar 10th Ade Hairsine      
Manchester Airport for Man U European Cup Game Mar 11th Chris Ellington      
Belgium & a little France Mar 23rd Ade Hairsine      
Swiss Trip Mar 23rd - Mar 25th Dave Stock      
Poland & Slovakia 3 Day Trip Mar 25th - Mar 27th Ade Hairsine      
Tenerife Mar 29th - Apr 5th Dave Rose      
Swiss Trip Apr 1st - Apr 8th Geoff Hyde      
Poland Trip Apr 7th - Apr 10th Ade Hairsine      
Belgium TLP & More "Fiests Storm" May 25th - May 26th Ade Hairsine      
"The It's not possible Romania Tour 2009" May 27th - May 31st Ade Hairsine      
My 1st Cross Country Jun 12th Matt Falcus      
Edinburgh & Photo's Jun 24th Ian Ellington      
Zeltweg (Austria) and more "It's the wrong trousers" Jun 26th - Jun 29th Ade Hairsine      
USA Road Trip California / Nevada Jun 14th - Jun 27th Dave Rose      
Columbian & Peruvian Adventure Jun 18th -  Jul 4th Matt Falcus      
"The Sands of Nadarrzyce" German/Poland Jul 11th - Jul 15th Ade Hairsine      
"M25 Bash" STN/SEN/LTN/EMA Jul 25th Dave Rose Ian McMaster    
Dalaman Jul 15th - Jul 29th Chris Smith      
RAF Shawbury base visit & RAF Valley Aug 6th Ade Hairsine      
RAF Leeming Base visit & storage Aug 10th David Thompson      
Cruise Holiday Aug 20th - Aug 27th Rob Smith      
Poland Krakow & Radom Show Aug 27th - Sep 1st Eddie Douglas      
Chasing Swedish Classics Aug 28th - Aug 30th Ian Ellington      
Hungary Croatia & Serbia Sep 11th - Sep 15th Ade Hairsine      
RAF Leeming Families Day Sep 12th David Thompson      
Milan Long Weekend Sep 12th - Sep 14th Ian Ellington Craig McCorriston    
Grabbing the last rays Sep 17th - Sep 20th Dave Rose Dave Anderson    
Perth/Sydney/Brisbane/Nowra/Singapore/Dubai Sep 17th - Nov 18th Eddie Douglas      
Slovak & a little Austria Sep 23rd - Sep 25th Ade Hairsine      
Germany and Poland, "The Road to Hel and NSA" Oct 4th - Oct 10th Ade Hairsine      
Orlando Family Holiday & NBAA Oct 17th - Nov 1st Dave Anderson Matty Anderson    
RAF Linton on Ouse - Base visit Nov 10th David Thompson      
Turkey Stuffed Road Trip Dec 28th Dave Rose Ian McMaster Aidan Williamson  


2008 Trips
Dublin Jan 7th Richard Bowater Ian Ellington
Dishforth Jan 21st Dave Anderson Gary Becks
Belfast Airports Jan Matt Falcus
Dublin Feb 9th Ian Ellington Craig Watt
West Coast USA Super Bowl Phoenix - Tucson Jan 29th - Feb 4th Dave Anderson Dave Rose Geoff Hyde
Baldonnel-Casement Weston & Dublin Mar 5th Dave Anderson Ian Ellington Geoff Hyde Stuart Reid
Latvia Mar 4th - Mar 6th Paul Gregg
Spanish Trip Mar 3rd - Mar 13th Richard Bowater
Dusseldorf Apr 8th -  Apr 9th Chris Hall
Dublin Apr 26th Dave Rose Ian McMaster Aidan Williamson
Manchester - "THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING" May 14th Dave Rose Aidan Williamson
Brazil Trip May 20th -  Jun 01 Ian McMaster
Bedale (Black Sheep) Balloon Meet June 13th - Jun 15 Stuart Reid Richard Bowater
Dublin June 18th Richard Bowater
Tenerife June 13th - June 27th Dave Rose
EMA - Birmingham-Jersey-Guernsey-Aberdeen !! June 20th - June 23rd Ian Ellington
Dublin June 24th Stuart Reid Chris Smith John Attwell
Bagby-Thirsk-Wathstone Farm July 4th -   July 5th Stuart Reid Richard Bowater
Milan Malpensa and Linate July 5th -   July 6th Dave Anderson Dave Rose Ian McMaster
Las Vegas- Nellis - Edwards - Mojave etc July 24 -     Aug 8th Dave Anderson Matty Anderson
Scotland Trip July 29th -  Aug 2nd Ian McMaster
Manchester-Blackpool-Isle of Man Aug 22nd - Aug 25th Ian Ellington Craig McCorrison
Bagby Bank Holiday Fly-in Aug 24th Geoff Hyde
Northern Spain & A380 Factory visit at Toulouse Aug 30th - Sept 4th Geoff Hyde
Czech Republic Bash inc Brno Air Show Sept 6th - Sept 9th Ade Hairsine
A1/M1 Bash - Searching for Ryanairs Sept 20th Dave Rose Ian McMaster Aidan Williamson

Milan & Budapest "The Long Way Home" Sept 20th - Sept 22nd Ian Ellington
Cruising the Med Sept 27th - Oct 5th Dave Rose
Last viking trip to Scotland Oct 12th Ade Hairsine
East Midlands "night freight" Oct 14th Chris Ellington
Trip to Beijing, China Oct 13th - Oct 18th Pete Ellington
"The North South Tour" Nov 17th - Nov 20th Chris Smith Scott Cooper
Dubai Air Show Nov 14th - Nov 20th Ian Ellington Kevin Perry
UK Road Trip Gamston/Stansted/Luton/EMA/Donc Nov 23rd - Nov 26th Chris Ellington
Birmingham Airport Dec 6th Ian Ellington


2007 Trips
South Florida (Boat Show) Feb 14th - 19th Dave Anderson Geoff Hyde Ian McMaster Dave Rose
Newcastle-Dublin-Shannon-Stansted-Newcastle May 7th Dave Anderson Ian McMaster Aidan Williamson  
Italy tour & Pratica Di Mare Air Show May 22nd - 27th Ade Hairsine Andy J Tony W  
Breighton June 3rd Dave Anderson Matty Anderson    
Barcelona June 23rd - 24th Dave Anderson Ian McMaster Dave Rose  
Coningsby June 29th Dave Anderson Gary Becks Stuart Reid  
Greek Holiday July 12th - 26th Dave Anderson Dave Rose    
Breighton Sept 2nd Dave Anderson Matty Anderson    
Elvington Air Museum Sept 2nd Dave Anderson Matty Anderson    
Amsterdam-Cologne-Dusseldorf Sept 8th - 9th Dave Anderson Ian McMaster Dave Rose Aidan Williamson
Stockholm Arlanda - Sundsvall Sept 16th - 19th Dave Anderson      
Duxford Helitech Oct 2nd Dave Anderson Gary Becks Richard Bowater Stuart Reid
Hungarian Mig Chasing trip Oct 5th - 7th Ade Hairsine      
Dubai - Hong Kong Oct 27th - Nov 5th Ian McMaster      
Bahrain Nov 7th - 12th Dave Rose      
Edinburgh Airport Nov 9th Dave Anderson      
Lisbon - African Summit Dec 9th Ian Gordon      
Manchester - Blackpool Dec 30th Dave Rose Aidan Williamson    


Old & Vintage Trips
Dubai and Sharjah (Ramp Tour) 05 Mar - 10 Mar Dave Anderson Dave Rose    
RAF Binbrook last airshow & farewell to Lightnings 22 Aug 1987 Dave Anderson      


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