About Us

We are a group of six aviation enthusiasts who update the website with 'near enough' live aircraft movements, primarily from Durham Tees Valley Airport but also anything of interest passing through the wider north-east region. The website was founded in 2007 by local aviation enthusiast and businessman Dave Anderson following the invention of live virtual radar technology, in most cases the "SBS-1", which meant aircraft movements could be recorded with ten-fold greater accuarcy than ever before.

Over the years, we've expanded in to other areas of aviation, such as UK Military Mode-S Codes, Fleet Lists and Trip Reports. As of December 2014, the website gets a phenomenal 1,300 unique visits per day!

The DTVMovements team would like to thank all of our visitors for their continued support and for making the website such a success!


The website is provided free of charge. All movements are collected from research and individual contributions. The website is not connected to Durham Tees Valley Airport nor its owner Peel Holdings plc, however the airport has been known to acknowledge our websites existence and we comply with any requests they make relating to any content that appears on here, often relating to flights of a sensitive nature.

All photographs on this website are protected by international copyright laws, you do not need owners permission to photograph aircraft but please ensure if you are on private property you have the owners permission to be there and to be aware that photographs will appear on this website if you send them in.

Should anyone wish to make a contribution of any amount towards the running costs of the website they can do so via this link:

Privacy Policy

Any data, photographs or other information sent to us is used at our discretion. We provide credit where possible but in some rare cases we may be unable to do so. All items sent to us in document or picture form are stored on the website server and deleted in the event they are no longer required. For further information on photographs, see our Photo Submission Rules.

Terms of Use

Prior permission is required before any data of any kind can be taken from this website and used elsewhere, whether it be on the Internet or otherwise, and full credit must be given. In the case of using the information to your advantage for spotting purposes, it goes without saying prior permission is unfeasible and therefore only full credit is required. Failure to obide by these basic and fair guidelines could see the offending person(s) blocked from viewing the website.