Photo Submission Rules

Last updated: 25/10/2014

The DTVMovements website welcomes all photographic submissions from either local of visiting aviation photographers. Pictures can either be sent in via e-mail or a link to your own website.

If you provide a link to a website, it must be your own and not a photo hosting website (e.g. Flickr), in case such a website goes bankrupt like Fotopic did, leaving us with nothing but 'dead' links. The photos in your website must also load in their own browser window, or at least take up 80% or more of the screen otherwise.

Our aim is to provide a top quality photographic record in addition to the daily movements log of aircraft that visit the airport and use its facilities.

It is the websites aim to ensure that all photographs used for this purpose are of an acceptably high quality that compliments the high standards that the website has achieved since it was formed in late 2006.

Each photo we receive is classed as a 'page' by the software we use, this same software recommends no more than 1000 pages per website - and we had 10000 at one point! This provoked a major 'crash' of the website which took a lot of effort to resolve, so by limiting ourselves to only the highest quality images available, we're improving the websites performance.

As a guide any photographs submitted for inclusion should meet the following basic requirements:-

1) The photograph should be taken on the day that the aircraft has visited.

2) The photograph should either be taken at the airport or in the final stages of landing on the approach.

3) The subject matter should be virtually full frame in the photograph (i.e. shall have been cropped using an editing package if required).

4) There should be no obstructions in the photograph (e.g. fences, lamp posts, buildings etc).

5) The aircraft should be in focus (sharpened using an editing package if desired).

6) No watermarks or copyright should appear on the photograph.

7) Unless there are exceptional circumstances we will be using only one shot per aircraft.

Any submissions received that do not comply with the above basic guidelines may not be used. Editorial discretion may be applied to historical submissions where the quality of the electronic submission has been sourced from prints or slides.

If you wish to submit a photo by e-mail we can resize it, but 1040 x 780 is an ideal size.

Seen below are some examples of the types & quality of submissions that we are aiming to achieve.

Example Photos


Many thanks for your understanding in this matter.

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