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Waddington and around about 28 March 2013 Ade Hairsine

Both my last two Beech Shadows were back at Waddington this week so the first chance I had to get down there was today. The hope of getting both were dashed when I read this morning ZZ504 (I know the one that was in LBA on the 14th when I was in Poland) had departed on Tuesday to places well East of the UK. Seen at Waddo anyway were

Log RAF Waddington 28-03-2013

XM607/- Vulcan B2
XR770/AA Lightning F6
ZH(003) BN Defender AL2 (Not req'd)
ZH101/01 E-3 AEW1
ZH102/02 E-3 AEW1
ZH103/03 E-3 AEW1
ZH106/06 E-3 AEW1
ZJ692/- Bombardier Sentinel R1
ZJ69?/- Bombardier Sentinel R1 (Not req'd)
ZZ417/- Beech Shadow R1 Departed around 5 min's after I arrived
ZZ418/- Beech Shadow R1

So 50% of what I req'd and reading that ZZ504 departed on Monday I set off back home quite happy with the day. From Waddington I decided to try a look at Doncaster and see if any biz-jets were out

Doncaster 28-03-2013

The Kinch hangar was wide open and G-TFLK had just been towed out or was about to go in so the contents of the whole hangar were on show


G-JETA Ce-550
G-TFLK Ce-680

N30364 Ce-500


(G-EDMC) Ce-525
(G-IMEA) Be-200
(G-RNER) Ce-510
(G-USAR) Ce-441
(G-VUEZ) Ce-550
(G-KD)MA Ce-560

(D-CHIO) Ce-525
(M-MIKE) Ce-510
M-PVRT Ce-750
(N55CJ) Ce-525

Parked out on the field

N448RT Ce-680

Not a bad log. The final call of the day was LBA twice !

Leeds Bradford 28-03-2013 1st call

G-DLAL Be-90
N86LF Hawker-4000
N117MS Gulf-4


Leeds Bradford 28-03-2013 2nd call for a biz-jet and two Harps

G-YEDS Ce-510


Another good day out



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