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Slovenia 21 - 23 June 2011 - Ade Hairsine

AB-206's at Cerklje Ob Krki Air Base, Slovenia

Gazelle "001" at Cerklje Ob Krki Air Base, Slovenia

Hangared Zlins at Cerklje Ob Krki Air Base, Slovenia

Pc-9 L9-64/64 at Cerklje Ob Krki Air Base, Slovenia doing it's run throughts

Pc-9's at Cerklje Ob Krki Air Base, Slovenia

Pc-9 L9-64/64 at Cerklje Ob Krki Air Base, Slovenia shot from the tower

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Day 1 21-06-2011

Noted on the way down to Stansted for our flight were


Noted at the side of the A1 and not looking any better for been sat outside all these years :

(XN728) Lightning F2


Preserved at the gate the "New GR-7 Harrier" was seen standing where the old GR-3 used to be :

ZD469 Harrier GR7A


Not much time here we only visitors :

63-8002 KC135R
62-3517 KC135R
84-0190 KC10A
76-1604 E3B


Bits of interest were noted while waiting for the flight on the terminal and cargo side

G-EZBE A-319
G-EZBN A-319
G-EZBT A-319
G-EZDC A-319
G-EZDN A-319
G-EZFC A-319
G-EZFR A-319
G-EZGJ A-319
G-EZIP A-319
G-EZMS A-319
G-FDZS B-737

D-AGWP A-319
EI-EBI B-737
EI-EBL B-737
EI-EFT B-737
EI-EFV B-737
EI-EKD B-737
EI-EKH B-737 (Our hack to Klagenfurt)
EI-EKV B-737
EI-EMA B-737
EI-EMF B-737
EI-EMR B-737
EI-ENJ B-737
N315AA B-767
N339UP B-767
N727FD A-300
TC-FBF A-320

Old terminal side was very good today loads of interesting stuff here, We missed the other Saudi "Herk" but caught up with it on a later trip

A6-HHH Gulf-4
A6-MMM B747, UAE Gov.
A6-HRS B737, UAE Gov.
A40-AA A-320
HZ-132 C130H, Saudi
N770BB B-757
N888HE Gulf-5
VH-CRW Da-2000
V5-NAM Da-900
XA-JBT BAe-125
5Y-MSR Ce-550

And a nice USCG Gulf to finnish off

01 VC11A, US Coast Guard


A few bits around the airport were noted and went in the book

OE-BXM AS-355 Ministry of Interior
OE-GFB Be-400
OE-HIT Da-50

D-ADHQ Dash-8


D-??XY Be-90

Novo Mesto - Precna, Slovenia

The ex military UTVA can be found in a hangar behind the main hanger at the aero club, The Sloveinian CAA were to arrive the day after we were there to see if it was fit to fly after it's re-build also hear was a nice Czech Beech-90 :

(53122) S5-DCD UTVA75, ex Slovenia

OK-HNR Be-90

Zagreb-Lucko, Croatia

Five Mi17s were parked out on the field

226 Mi17
223 Mi17
220 Mi17
224 Mi17
227 Mi17
We did not have enough  time to look at Pleso due to it getting dark but a drive past the re-work factory at Velika Gorica reviled nothing new to us

Turanj, Croatia

A war museum in the village centre has this pole mounted bis. Also still present is the wrecked rear fuselage of Mig21bis 17130.

(126) Mig21bis, ex Croatia.

Day 2 22-06-2011

Cerklje Ob Krki Air Base, Slovenia, Base Tour

This is the main base for all the Slovinian AF aircraft and Brinik is only a SAR det with one helicopter but a small exercise was been held there with four aircraft and we were told we could go the day after if we wished. A very nice tour here topped with a photo opportunity from the control tower, Pc-9 L9-64/64 departed as we arrived and on it's return we were taken up the tower to take some photo's of it. The aircraft flew below us I guess at around 50 ft as we stood outside on the tower balcony 100ft up giving us some fantastic shots, It then did a short aerobatic display and landed. Our thanks to the air crew and the guys in the tower for arranging the display.

Flight School Hanger

L9-51 / 51 ‘KOFJA LOKA’ PC9
L9-53 / 53 ‘PIRAN’ PC9
L9-61 / 61 / 634 PC9M
L9-62 / 62 / 635 PC9M
L9-63 / 63 / 636 PC9M
L9-65 / 65 / 638 PC9M
L9-66 / 66 PC9M
L9-67 / 67 / 640 PC9M
L9-68 / 68 / 641 PC9M
L6-02 / 02 PC6B
S5-DGF Zlin242

Flight School – Ramp

L9-64 / 64 / 637 PC9M
L9-69 / 69 / 642 PC9M
S5-DGE Zlin242
S5-DGG Zlin242
S5-ABR Falcon2000


S5-DEJ Zlin242
S5-DEK Zlin242
S5-DEL Zlin242
S5-DGC Zlin242
S5-DGD Zlin242
S5-DGI Zlin143
S5-DGH Zlin143

15th Helicopter Battalion Hanger

H2-38 / 38 B412 KFOR Mks
H2-33 / 33 B412

15th Helicopter Battalion – Ramp

H3-73 / 73 AS532

Maintenance Hanger

H2-35 / 35 B412
H2-31 / 31 B412
H1-21 / 21 B206
H3-72 / 72 AS532

The former Ljubljana-Brnik gate guard has undergone restoration here and is now in its full former military colours. This Gazelle was the very first aircraft of the Slovenian Armed Forces when Major Joze Kalan and Senior Master Sergeant Bogomir Stupar defected to Slovenia in it on June 28th 1991. It is currently stored deep in a building but there are plans to having it on public display in the future at the base.

(12660) / 001 c/n 028 SA341H,
The c/n (028) is painted on the fuse in the normal place and is very clear BUT my photo of the c/n plate reads "broj Sasije 140" (Chassis Number) and "Datum Proizvodnje 9-1988" (Production Date)

From here it was North towards Ljubljana for a look at the airport and a few W & R in that part of the world

Ljubljana-Brnik, Slovenia

Police Ramp

S5-HPB B212, Slovenian Police

Ljubljana-Brnik Airport

I will put all the civil aircraft we saw at the airport here today but we did visit the airport three times on our trip, Only the Adria aircraft  I needed were logged

YU-AFF Dc-6 Gate Guard

S5-AAG CRJ-200
S5-AAJ CRJ-200
S5-AAK CRJ-900
S5-AAL CRJ-900
S5-AAN CRJ-900
S5-AAO CRJ-900
S5-AAP A-319
S5-AAR A-319
S5-BAO Sf-340

S5-BAJ Ce-525
S5-BAZ Ce-560
S5-CMT Ce-510

D-ALEB B-757
D-ALEG B-757
D-ALEK B-757
G-EZGJ A-319
LZ-BHE A-320
RA02852 EMB-120
RA02854 EMB-120
TC-SKT A-320
TF-TNM B-737
TS-IMD A-320
TS-IMT A-320
UP-CJ1001 CRJ-200

D-CJPD Learjet
M-CELT Da-7x

(N807CA)/7364 CRJ-100

Lots of CRJ-100's inc Austrian A/L's


?-???? EMB-120
?-???? EMB-120

And just for the log

9A-HAS Ro-44

Zagorje, Slovenia

Inside the aero club hanger here was just the L-18, The based UTVA-75 (S5-DCG) was w/o a while ago and there was nothing left of it after it's accident so we were told later that day by a guy we at Konjice who civilianised the aircraft when the military handed them over to the various aero clubs through out the country:

(R-37) S5-MBL L18C, ex Klu

Celje, Slovenia

Noted at the aero club here :

(53188) S5-DCJ UTVA75, ex Slovenia

Konjice Zice, Slovenia

Four ex military UTVAs were found with the aero club here :

53210 S5-DCH UTVA75, ex Slovenia dismantled in compound at side of hanger
53216 S5-DPM UTVA75, ex Yugoslav
(53190) S5-DCK UTVA75, ex Slovenia Blue c/s
(53117) S5-DCB UTVA75, ex Slovenia


Two more for the note book at the airport

9A-DOF Ce-550
CS-DXO Ce-560

Maribor, Slovenia

Preserved outside the airport terminal :

(10660) F84G, ex JRV

And at the far side of the field near the aero club

S5-ACG MD-82

Noted with the aeroclub :

(53171) S5-DCI UTVA75, ex Slovenia
51114 S5-DCP UTVA66, ex JRV
40199 (S5-MBB) Aero3, ex JRV

Dobje, Slovenia

Displayed outside a restaurant here :

(0678) UTVA60, ex JRV

Day 3 23-06-2011

Ljubljana-Brnik Air Base, Slovenia Base Tour

The second base tour, We did think of not going on the tour here as the only thing we needed was a Pc-6 but the guys at Cerklje had made the arrangements the day before so we went. It would be rude not to I guess

Hangared here were :

H3-74 / 74 AS532
L6-03 / 03 PC6B
H2-34 / 34 B412
H2-36 / 36 B412
H2-37 / 37 B412 (SAR standby – moved to ramp) KFOR Mks

Preserved here are :

(14307) 147 IF86D, ex JRV
(14325) 146 IF86D, ex JRV
(60162) 162 Soko522, ex JRV

the preserved F84G is being restored somewhere in the city with a private company. The plan is for the F84, the two IF86s and the Soko 522 to move to Cerklje Ob Krki and join Gazelle 12660 in an on base museum.

Police Hangers

S5-HPE B206, Slovenian Police
S5-HPG A109E, Slovenian Police
S5-HPH EC135, Slovenian Police

YU-HAK Be-47j Ex Police

Back into Austrian for a look at Zeltweg, When we arrived there was no activity on the base at all so we stayed 30 min's or so and left after a quick visit to the museum

Zeltweg Base, Austria

8T-CC C130K
‘25’ (35339) J35, ex Sweden, preserved
3A-CO L19A, ex Austria, preserved
(2A-AO) OE-AFC PA18, ex Austria

Zeltweg Museum, Austria

The Mig21R that defected to Austria in October 1991 has now arrived at the museum from storage at an Army depot

Displayed Inside :

26112 Mig21R, ex JRV
14 J35, ex Austria
08 J35,ex Austria
29449 / YELLOW F J29F, ex Austria
‘4D-YL’ (really 217) CM170, ex Ireland
5C-VF Vampire T55, ex Austria
21 J35, ex Austria
3F-SO Saab91D, ex Austria
5S-TA SC73M, ex Austria
(12) J35, ex Austria, sectioned
4D-BW AB204B, ex Austria
3C-JD AB206A, ex Austria
‘3D-XJ’ (really 76+91), ex Germany
2A-AM Zlin126, ex Austria
4C-TE LT6G, ex Austria
3A-BB G46-4B, ex Austria
3A-BH L19E, ex Austria
4C-AF Yak11, ex Austria
3A-AA Yak18, ex Austria
3B-HD OH13, ex Austria


09 J35, ex Austria
3F-SW Saab91D, ex Austria

Graz Town, Austria

A Draken can be found at The Fachhochschule Joanneum

06 J35, ex Austria

Graz-Thalerhof, Austria

The J29 can be seen from the outside with a little work

(29588) RED D J29F, ex Austria

S5-CAM SF-600

Graz Museum, Austria

Only the two new arrivals were noted, nothing else was logged.

29565 (YELLOW J) J29F, ex Austria
(475) N162TP MB326M, ex South Africa


A few noted while waiting for the flight home

EI-DAR B-737 (Our ride to STN)


And a few notes on our return to Blighty

Terminal and Cargo

G-EZBN A-319
G-EZBT A-319
G-EZDA A-319
G-EZDP A-319
G-EZGD A-319
G-GSSC B-747

EI-EBL B-737
EI-EBT B-737
EI-EFE B-737
EI-EFZ B-737
EI-EKY B-737
EI-EMF B-737
EI-EMK B-737
N615FE MD-11
N853FD B-777

GA Side

A6-AJH EMB-190

And that was it for aircraft on the trip just up the road and home

As a foot note to the log during the two visits we had logged all the Slovenian Air Force's aircraft but three these aircraft were at

Be-412 H2-32 was away on duties in Kosovo (Not req'd)
Let-410 L4-01 was away on maintenance at Kunovice (Not req'd)

AS-532 H3-71 was with Eurocopter on maintenance ( My last Sloveinian AF Aircraft)

My thanks as always to the guys with me, Phil A and Kev M for their company and a very big thank you to all at the two base's in a very very nice part of the world.


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