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DTVA Shawbury Tour Thursday 25th March 2010 Dave & Anderson & crew

Gary Becks had kindly organised a base visit to the RAF storage facility at Shawbury, Gary, Dave Thompson & Stu Reid travelled down the morning before visiting the RAF Museum at Cosford. Chris Smith, Geoff Hyde and I travelled down during the evening, we all met at the same hotel and enjoyed a few pints (some had more than others!) till the early hours and a great breakfast the next morning to start the day off. We were met by our hosts in the car park and 40 other enthusiasts from other groups and taken by coach for the tour, we were give access to all hangars with no restrictions on photography. The tour finished around 12pm with a look at some of their historic aircraft and a cup of tea, we were met by Shawbury air traffic controller Steve from Thornaby and contributor to our website, which was good to put a face to the name. We then paid a visit to Cosford before heading home.


Hawk T2


Puma HC1


Tornado GR4


Tornado F3

AS350B2 Squirrel

Bell 212

Agusta 109


Bell 212

Bell 212

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Aircraft outside

Squirrel HT2 DHFS ZJ248 ZJ261 ZJ267 ZJ274
  ZJ251 ZJ262 ZJ269 ZJ274
  ZJ255 ZJ263 ZJ270 ZJ275
  ZJ256 ZJ264 ZJ271 ZJ276
  ZJ260 ZJ265 ZJ272 ZJ278
Griffin HT.1 60 Sqdn / DHFS ZJ236/X ZJ237/T ZJ238/Y ZJ708/K
Agusta 109E DHFS ZR324 ZR325    
Scout AH.1 660Sqd Display XV123      
Wessex HC2 60 Sqd Gate guard XR516/V      
Wessex HU.5 Dumped XT773      
Chinook HC.2 Overflew ZA705/AN      

Storage Side Buildings (the order that we went in)

Hangar 14      
Serial Code Type Markings
ZA773 F Gazelle AH1  
XX292   Hawk T1W Red Arrows scheme
XX310   Hawk T1 208 Sqdn
XX319 CT Hawk T1A 100 Sqdn
XX322   Hawk T1A 208 Sqdn
ZK019   Hawk T2  
ZH812 L-005 Sea Harrier FA/2  
Hangar 13      
Serial Code Type Markings
G-CCLV   Diamond Star DA.40D  
XX172   Hawk T1   
XX173   Hawk T1  Royal Navy
XX228   Hawk T1  208 Sqdn
XX238   Hawk T1  208 Sqdn
XX290   Hawk T1   
XX296   Hawk T1   
XX299   Hawk T1W 208 Sqdn
XW202   Puma HC.1 Spares recovery
XW218   Puma HC.1 was w/o 15/4/07  mid air with XW211 ex 1563 flt Iraq
ZJ263 63 Squirrel HT.1 was w/o 10/1/07 parts under tarpaulin heavy landing Tern Hill
ZH553 RT Tornado F3 56 Sqdn
ZE204 FC Tornado F4 25 Sqdn
ZE165 GE Tornado F5 43 Sqdn
ZA608   Tornado GR4 Fusalage Only (nose separate)
Hangar 10      
Serial Code Type Markings
XX161   Hawk T1W  
XX195   Hawk T1W 208 Sqdn
XX200   Hawk T1A 19 Sqdn
XX250   Hawk T1  19 Sqdn
XX295   Hawk T1W 19 Sqdn
XX350   Hawk T1A 19 Sqdn
ZK022   Hawk T2  
ZK023   Hawk T2  
XW200   Puma HC.1 was w/o 09/04/01  KFOR markings
ZF161   Tucano T1 72 Sqdn
ZF212   Tucano T1  
ZF263   Tucano T1  
ZF268   Tucano T1  
ZF286   Tucano T1  
ZF315   Tucano T1  
ZF345   Tucano T1  
ZF405   Tucano T1  
ZF416   Tucano T1  
ZF418   Tucano T1  
ZF446   Tucano T1  
ZF449   Tucano T1  
ZF487   Tucano T1  
ZF492   Tucano T1  
Hangar 11      
Serial Code Type Markings
XX160   Hawk T1   
XX248 CJ Hawk T1A 100 Sqdn
ZF160   Tucano T1  
ZF163   Tucano T1  
ZF166   Tucano T1  
ZF203   Tucano T1  
ZF211   Tucano T1  
ZF242   Tucano T1  
ZF288   Tucano T1  
ZF290   Tucano T1  
ZF318   Tucano T1  
ZF350   Tucano T1  
ZF372   Tucano T1  
ZF376   Tucano T1  
ZF380   Tucano T1  
ZF408   Tucano T1  
ZF410   Tucano T1  
ZF412   Tucano T1  
ZF414   Tucano T1  
ZF447   Tucano T1  
ZF483   Tucano T1  
ZF484   Tucano T1  
ZF486   Tucano T1  
ZF488   Tucano T1  
ZF490   Tucano T1  
ZF513   Tucano T1  
ZF514   Tucano T1  
ZF516   Tucano T1  
Hangar 17      
Serial Code Type Markings
XW848 D Gazelle AH1  
XW909   Gazelle AH1  
XW913   Gazelle AH1  
XX371   Gazelle AH1  
XX379 Y Gazelle AH1  
XX383 D Gazelle AH1  
XX386   Gazelle AH1  
XX394   Gazelle AH1  
XX398   Gazelle AH1  
XX409   Gazelle AH1  
XX416   Gazelle AH1  
XX437   Gazelle AH1  
XX438 F Gazelle AH1  
XX439   Gazelle AH1  
XX442 E Gazelle AH1  
XX445 T Gazelle AH1  
XX455   Gazelle AH1  
XX456   Gazelle AH1  
XX462 W Gazelle AH1  
XZ291   Gazelle AH1  
XZ292   Gazelle AH1  
XZ295   Gazelle AH1  
XZ296   Gazelle AH1  
XZ303   Gazelle AH1  
XZ304   Gazelle AH1  
XZ311   Gazelle AH1  
XZ314 A Gazelle AH1  
XZ324   Gazelle AH1  
XZ331 D Gazelle AH1  
XZ337 Z Gazelle AH1  
XZ338   Gazelle AH1  
XZ344 Y Gazelle AH1  
ZA726   Gazelle AH1  
ZA728 E Gazelle AH1 Royal Marines
ZA776   Gazelle AH1 Royal Marines
ZB673   Gazelle AH1  
ZB688   Gazelle AH1  
XX168   Hawk T1  
XX225   Hawk T1  
XX219   Hawk T1A 208 Sqdn
XX351   Hawk T1A  
XX235   Hawk T1W 208 Sqdn
ZE440 578 Jetstream T3  
ZE737 GK Tornado F3 43 Sqdn
ZA470   Tornado GR4 Fusalage only
ZA563 AG Tornado GR4 9 Sqdn
ZD708   Tornado GR4 "Tornado GR4"
ZD892   Tornado GR4 Fusalage only
ZG769   Tornado GR4 Damaged 09/04 Fusalage only
Hangar 18      
Serial Code Type Markings
XX460   Gazelle AH1  
XZ294 X Gazelle AH1  
XZ328   Gazelle AH1  
XZ341   Gazelle AH1  
XZ343   Gazelle AH1  
ZA775   Gazelle AH1  
ZB665   Gazelle AH1  
ZB674   Gazelle AH1  
ZB679   Gazelle AH1  
ZB690   Gazelle AH1  
XX226   Hawk T1 Royal Navy
XX232   Hawk T1  
XX239 CA Hawk T1  
XX240   Hawk T1  
XX311   Hawk T1  
XX325   Hawk T1  
XX309   Hawk T1  Special Marks Welsh Dragon
XX190 CN Hawk T1A 100 Sqdn
XX284   Hawk T1A  
XX323   Hawk T1A 19 Sqdn
XX345 CE Hawk T1A 100 Sqdn
ZK014   Hawk T2  
ZK020   Hawk T2  

Active side buildings

Hangar 4      
Serial Code Type Markings
ZJ260 60 Squirrel HT1 DHFS
Hangar 3      
Serial Code Type Markings
G-CEYO 00 AS350B2 Squirrel DHFS also ZK199
G-DOIT 99 AS350B2 Squirrel DHFS also ZK200
ZK206   Bell 212  
ZJ235   Griffin HT.1 60 Sqdn / DHFS
ZJ259 59 Squirrel HT1 Was w/o 10/1/07 under covers
ZJ277 77 Squirrel HT1 DHFS
ZJ280 80 Squirrel HT1 DHFS
Hangar 2      
Serial Code Type Markings
ZK067   Bell 212  
ZJ703 3 Griffin HAR.2 84 Sqdn "Clubs"
ZJ237 T Griffin HT.1 60 Sqdn / DHFS
ZJ240 U Griffin HT.1 60 Sqdn / DHFS
ZJ707 O Griffin HT.1 60 Sqdn / DHFS
Hangar 1      
Serial Code Type Markings
241079   WACO CG4 Hardrian Replica  
G-ANBY   DH82A Tiger Moth EM840
KG651   DC-3 Dakota  
BAPC-279   Airspeed Horsa LH291
XX431 CU-43 Gazelle HT2 9300M

Cosford Air Museum 25 March 2010

Hangar 1
Reg Type Con Nr Other Marks
G-AEEH Mignet HM.14 Pou-du-Ciel EGD.1
G-EBMB Hawker Cygnet  I 1
T.2B-272 Junkers CASA 352L 163 G-AFAP
TX214 Avro Anson  C.19 33786
WE600 Auster T.7 Antarctic Unknown
WL679 Vickers Varsity  T.1 Unknown
WP495 Westland WS.51 Dragonfly HR.5 WA/H/080 G-AJOV
WP912 de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10 C1/0786
WV562 Percival Provost  T.1 PAC/F/108 7606M
WV746 Percival P.66 Pembroke  C.1 P66/53
XD674 BAC Jet Provost  T.1 PAC/84/001
XJ918 Bristol B.171 Sycamore HR.14 13413
XL703 Scottish Aviation Pioneer  CC.1 143
XM823 de Havilland DH-106 Comet 1XB 6022 G-APAS
XP411 Armstrong-Whitworth Argosy  T.1 6766
XR525 Westland WS.58 Wessex HC.2 WA147
XR977 Folland Gnat  T.1 FL.574
XS639 Avro Andover  E.3A Set 23
XX496 Handley-Page HP.137 Jetstream  T.1 276
XX654 Scottish Aviation SA.120 Bulldog T.1 312
Hangar 2
Reg Type Con Nr Other Marks
DG202 Gloster Meteor  F.9/40 Unknown
WA634 Gloster Meteor  T.7/8 Unknown
WG760 English Electric Lightning  P.1A 95001
WG768 Short SB.5 SH.1605
WG777 Fairey FD.2 Delta 2 F.9422
WK935 Gloster Meteor  F.8 Prone Pilot Unknown
WZ744 Avro 707  C Unknown
XD145 Saunders-Roe SR.53 Unknown
XF926 Bristol 188 13519
XM351 BAC Jet Provost  T.3 PAC/W/6308
XN714 Hunting H.126 Unknown
XR220 BAC TSR 2 XO-2
XX765 SEPECAT Jaguar  GR.1 (mod) S-62
Hangar 3
Reg Type Con Nr Other Marks
191614 Messerschmitt Me.163 Komet B-1a 191614
420430 Messerschmitt Me.410  A-1/U2 420430
9133M North American P-51 Mustang D Unknown
BAPC-82 Hawker Afghan Hind 41H/81899
BAPC-84 Mitsubishi Ki.46  -III 5439 5439
BAPC-94 Fieseler Fi.103  A-1 418947 475081
J-1704 de Havilland DH-112 Venom  FB.54 874
K9942 Supermarine Spitfire  F.Ia 6S/30225
L-866 Consolidated PBY-6A Catalina 2063
LF738 Hawker Hurricane  IIc Unknown
RF398 Avro Lincoln  B.2 Unknown
TA639 de Havilland DH-98 Mosquito  TT.35 Unknown
XK724 Folland Gnat  F.1 FL.2
XX946 BAe/Panavia Tornado P.02
ZD485 FMA IA.58 Pucara A 18
New Hangar Cold War Exhibition 
Reg Type Con Nr Other Marks
1120 Mikoyan-Gurevich Lim-2 1B01120
68-8284 Sikorsky MH-53 Jolly Green Giant M 65-131
74-0177 General Dynamics F-111 'Aardvark' F 95
G-AGNV Avro York  C.1 1223
G-BRAM Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 Fishbed-D PF 760503 503
KN645 Douglas DC-3  C-47B-35-DK 16587/33335
MM19666 Canadair CL-13A Sabre Mk.4 566
TG511 Handley-Page Hastings  T.5 HP67/15
WS843 Gloster Meteor  NF.14 Unknown
XA564 Gloster Javelin  FAW.1 Unknown
XG337 English Electric Lightning  F.1 95026
XH171 English Electric Canberra  PR.9 SH1735
XH672 Handley-Page Victor  K.2 HP80/57
XL568 Hawker Hunter  T.7A 41H/693719
XL993 Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer  CC.1 528
XM598 Avro Vulcan  B.2 SET62
XN962 Blackburn Buccaneer  S.1 B3-17-62 XN972
XR371 Short Belfast  C.1 SH1825
XV591 McDonnell-Douglas F-4 Phantom II K FG.1 3409
  The Michael Beetham Conservation Centre (visited on 24th only)
F-HMFI Farman F41 6799 Stored
  FE.2B Cockpit only
D5329 Sopwith 5.F1 Dolphin replica Under construction
G-AANJ L.V.G C.VI 4503 7198/18
G-AOLK Prentice P.40 Prentice T.1 PAC/225 Stored
L5343 Fairey Battle I under rebuild VO-S
P1344 Handley Page Hampden B.I EEP/22522 On rebuild
XG225 Hawker Hunter  F.6A 41H/680037 Gate
204 Lockheed SP-2H Neptune 726-7251
G-AOVF Bristol Britannia  312F 13237 XM497
G-WMAS Eurocopter EC135  T2 174 West Midlands Air Ambulance
G-BZRS Eurocopter EC135  T2 166 Bond Air Services noted only on 24/3
G-CGKE Grob G.115 Tutor E 82305
G-CGKF Grob G.115 Tutor E 82306
G-CGKH Grob G.115 Tutor E 82308
G-CGKK Grob G.115 Tutor E 82311 (noted on 24/3)
DCAE Hangar
XW290 MA-41 BAC Jet Provost  T.5A EEP/JP/954
XW327 62 BAC Jet Provost  T.5A EEP/JP/991
XW328 MI-75 BAC Jet Provost  T.5A EEP/JP/992
XW364 MN-35 BAC Jet Provost  T.5A EEP/JP/1014
XW367 MO-64 BAC Jet Provost  T.5A EEP/JP/1017
XW370 MP-72 BAC Jet Provost  T.5A EEP/JP/1020
XW410 MR-80 BAC Jet Provost  T.5A EEP/JP/1032
XW420 MU-83 BAC Jet Provost  T.5A EEP/JP/1042
XW430 MW-77 BAC Jet Provost  T.5A EEP/JP/1052
XW432 MX-76 BAC Jet Provost  T.5A EEP/JP/1054

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