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Slovak and a little Austria   23 September - 25 September 2009 Ade Hairsine

On the back of our trip to Slovakia back at the end of March this year it was time once again to visit the country to finish off or get as close as possible what was needed out there, We had gone through the channels we had used back in March and soon had permission to visit the base we had not done last time. Also on this trip a visit to the Police Air Wing at Bratislava airport, The trip started last Tuesday morning when Andy picked me up from home and we set off and as time was not short we called at Cambridge and Duxford on the way to Stansted.

Yak 40's at Bratislava

Beech 200 at Bratislava

Mil 17 at Bratislava

Let 410 at Malacky

Mig 21 at Malacky

Mig 29 at Malacky

SU22 at Malacky


East Midlands 23-09-09
Nothing seen from the M1 South bound

Kettering 23-09-09

Seen from the A14 near Kettering
(ZH???/???) Merlin Royal Navy  North bound at 13-30
Cambridge 23-09-09
A few military aircraft and war birds were noted around the field
XV307/307 C-130
ZH878/878 C-130
8T-CA C-130 Austrian AF
(84008)848 C-130 Swedish AF (In hangar)
WZ879/X DHC-1 Chipmunk (Red and White c/s, Now G-BWUT)
(N6946) DH-82 Tiger Moth (Now G-AOEI)
(PG264) DH-82 Tiger Moth (Now G-AHIZ)
G-BXKX Auster (c/n 803 Ex Military ??)
It looks like Net Jets has moved in here big time with all the stored Citations around the place
G-HEBJ Ce-525
G-LEAB Ce-510
G-MROO Ce-525
G-PPLC Ce-560
CS-DFQ Ce-560
CS-DFW Ce-550
CS-DHA Ce-550
CS-DHE Ce-550
CS-DHF Ce-550
CS-DHG Ce-550
CS-DHL Ce-550
CS-DHQ Ce-550
CS-DHR Ce-550
CS-DNY Ce-550
(F-GCGA) Be-90
N12AG Pc-12
(N321AV) Be-90
OY-TWO Pc-12
HB-??? Pc-12
G-EIGG BAe-31 Highland Airways
Just two GA noted here because of the heat and time.
G-JASE Pa-28
N9381P Pa-24
Moving on next to Duxford and a look over the fence at the Helitech exhibition
Duxford 23-09-09
Helitech 2009, There were around 60 to 70 visiting and in static helicopters and about 20 to 25 fixed wing aircraft on the field during the day. We picked out what we wanted and departed
G-GMPX Md-900 Police
XW214/- Puma
ZJ252/52 HT-2
ZR327/B Aw-139
0417 W-3 Polish AF
6616 W-4 Polish AF
G-CBKC Gazelle(Ex XW862)
G-CGEI Ce-550
N1RQ Pa-46-500
PH-XII Pc-12
XX449/- Gazelle
ZR323/- A-109
G-11 MD-900 Belgium Police
Duxford Based
DF112/- DH-82 Tiger Moth (G-ANRM)
HG691 Dominie (G-AIYR)
WP929/- DHC-1 Chipmunk (G-BXCV)
XX543/F Bulldog  (G-CBAB)
XX622/B Bulldog  (G-CBGX)
G-CCWB L-39 (Ex 136 Romanian AF)
1747 Harvard Portuguese AF (G-BGPB)
(48 0178)/8178 F-86 (G-SABR)
Leaving Duxford with two Polish active helicopters in the book was not bad at all for the UK these days, Back on the M11 and South again now,  After arriving at Stansted we met up with the last of our party Kev then a quick look around the old terminal and GA area we parked the car and bussed it round to the terminal for out flight out to Slovakia
Stansted 23-09-09
West side (Old terminal area and "Tree's" area)
G-FCAP Ce-560
G-POWB Be-350
G-ZAPU B-757
N682GA Galaxy
N727M B-727
9H-AFM A-319
Terminal Area
G-EJAR A-319
G-EZBM A-319
G-EZDN A-319
D-AGWH A-319
(D-ALTC) A-320
Only the newish Ryanair B-737,s noted
EI-DHY B-737 (Our ride to Bratislava)
EI-DLR B-737
EI-DPA B-737
EI-DPC B-737
EI-DPE B-737
EI-DPH B-737
EI-DWA B-737
EI-DWE B-737
EI-DWP B-737
EI-DWV B-737
EI-DYL B-737
EI-FEC B-737
EI-EFD B-737
EI-EFO B-737
N301UP B-767
TF-CIB B-757
5B-DAW A-320
Moving as we arrived
HL7436 B-747
G-???? ATR-72 Aurigny in at 16-31
N???FE MD-11 in at 16-33
N???FE MD-11 in at 17-35
9M-??? A-340 Air Asia in 17-15
????? B-737 in at 17-40 STAR 1 Airlines
????? Biz dep at 15-20
????? CL-600 dep at 15-37
????? Gulf dep at 15-55
After a little over two hours we arrived in Bratislava and after the "Bag Grab session" these were noted out on the ramp
Bratislava 23-09-09
OM-ALE Be-200
OM-ASA B-757
OM-HLX B-737
CS-DMA Be-400
CS-DRP BAe-125
That was that day over, Off to the hotel and some food beers and a good kip.



Back with day 2 and the first base visit of the trip. Malacky is the transport base for the Slovak AF and is located appx 25 miles north of Bratislava so an early start was not required to start the day
Malacky 24-09-09  Base Tour
We were met at the gate by our guide and taken to meet the base commander and have a small presentation of the operations of Malacky (Oh and Coffee or two). At the moment Malacky is home to the L-39 and MiG-29 operations as their home base Sliac is having its runway re-surfaced so this is why we picked this time to make a request to visit the base.
 Active Ramp
2506 An-26 (Camo c/s)
3208 An-26 (Camo c/s)
0930/2 Let-410 (Camo c/s)
1133/3 Let-410 (Camo c/s)
2421 Let-410 (Red and White c/s)
1730 L-39 (Camo c/s)
0619 MiG-29 (Digital c/s)
6425/SL MiG-29
QRA Ramp
0921  MiG-29 (Digital c/s)
3911  MiG-29 (Black Serial)
6124  MiG-29
6627  MiG-29
Let-410 Hangar
0730 Let-410  (Red and White c/s)
0927 Let-410 (Camo c/s)
1521 Let-410 (Camo c/s)
2311 Let-410 (Red and White c/s)
Maintenance Hangar
1303 MiG-29 (Tiger c/s)
5253 L-39 (Red and White c/s)
5254 L-39 (Red and White c/s)
HAS (1)
1701 L-39 (Red and White c/s)
2123/SL MiG-29
4707 L-39 (Camo c/s)
5252 L-39 (Red and White c/s)
5301 L-39 (Red and White c/s)
5302 L-39 (Red and White c/s)
HAS (2)
3709/SL MiG-29
5304/SL MiG-29
6526/SL MiG-29
6728/SL MiG-29
Preserved on base
1208 MiG-21 (Our last Slovak Mig-21)
3316/D Su-22
3404 L-29
3806/023 MiG-15
And tow target
D4-18 ?
5803 An-24 (Red and White c/s)
So that was that one done a very enjoyable visit and relaxed walk around the base, After saying good bye and many thanks we set off for a little wreck and relic hunting calling at the first one
 Velke Zaluzi 24-09-09
A MiG-15 is at a school in the town and it was soon found and photographed, I don't know if this is a newish find but its not in EMOOS but is in De-Mobbed
(3914) MiG-15 (c/n 23914)
Next on the list
Nitra 24-09-09
An Su-22 that was at Malacky has moved to the museum here and with it only been 20 miles away we thought we had better have a quick look at it
3312/E Su-22
The rest of the preserved items here are unchanged, A few GA logged here were
OM-ATE A-109 Air Ambulance
OM-CZA Pzl-104 Wilga
OM-JLV Zlin-42
OM-NRA Ce-172
OM-NRG Ce-172
OM-WON Zlin-43
Back on the road again and about another 25 miles later we were at Piestany, A very large museum with lots of aircraft tanks and military vehicles preserved here, The down side was the museum was closed and the views into it are not too good an active airfield at one side and houses at the other. Two distant views are available but they are not the best, Noted anyway were (Just the new one's since our last visit)
Pistany 24-09-09
The five aircraft we were looking for we think were in the hangar but seen from the outside anyway were new arrivals
0007 L-29
3311/D Su-22
???? MiG-15
On the airfield
OM-AVP Mi-8 (c/n 98841500)
OM-AVS Mi-8 (c/n 9889307)
The Tu-134 is also still here
Happy with this we set off again for a little trip into Austria, Vienna is only 35 miles from Bratislava and with one or two interesting items in the area it was not to be missed
Just over the border into Austria an An-2 was seen flying along this was
Kittsee 24-09-09
The only An-2 i can find on the net that looks like the one i saw was very different to what i thought i "Poled Off" (HA-PFG) but SP-FAH is Austrian based at the moment and the c/s and serial on the tail all fits in so ????.
(SP-FAH) An-2
Vienna Schwechat Airport 24-09-09
At the airport are a few W & R,s
(29392/H Yellow) J-29
(2614) L-29 (Only appx 6 to 8ft of wing and a tip tank was seen so we cannot count this, Next time)
(54+27) Pembroke (Nose only)
Civil items noted
OE-LDB A-319
OE-LDD A-319
OE-LBD A-321
OE-LBN A-320
OE-LBS A-320
OE-LBQ A-320
OE-LPD B-777
OE-LVE Fk-100
OE-LVH Fk-100
D-ABEF B-737
D-AIQC A-320
EC-JDL A-319
HB-IJC A-320
S5-AAE CRJ-200
TS-IMC A-320
YR-ASD A-318
OE-LPG  ??
Preserved at a near by Mc Donalds is
Vienna Schwechat Town 24-09-09
(XF640) Vickers Viking-1 (Ex G-ARGW in Austrian Airlines c/s)
Across the city to the North is a MiG-21, like a Red rag to a bull we were off to see it
Vienna Gerasdorf 24-09-09
Displayed at a lorry and Van sales place 
1706 MiG-21
After this it was back to Bratislava for something to eat and the hotel for some more kip


Day 3 and the last day saw us drive the 6 miles to Bratislava airport for the tour we had arranged with the Police Air Wing, After checking in with the Police it was straight out on to the ramp for photos and  logging
Bratislava Ivanka 25-09-09
Police Air Wing ramps and Hangars
B-1770 Mi-17
B-1786 Mi-17
B-2048 Mi-2 (Stored wreck)
B-2744 Mi-2 (Stored)
OM-BYE Yak-40
OM-BYL Yak-40
OM-HYU Z-37 (This had "Letecky Urad Slovenskej Republiky" = Slovak Civil Aviation Authority painted on its side)
B-1717 Mi-17
B-1730 Mi-17
OM-BYO Tu-154
OM-BYR Tu-154
B-2405 Mi-2
B-2406 Mi-2
B-2909 Mi-2
B-2950 Mi-2
B-8231 Mi-8
B-8427 Mi-8
B-8532 Mi-8
After saying many thanks to our guide for the visit and very warm hospitality we made our way the few yards to the terminal for the flight back to "Blighty". the flight was running 20 min's late so we picked up a 50 min TAC delay on the leg home
Civil side
OM-ASC B-737
OM-ASE B-737
OM-ASF B-737
OM-ASG B-757
OM-ATA A-109
OM-FUN Be-200
OM-HLB B-737
OM-HLD A-320
OM-HLE A-320
OM-HLX B-737
OM-OPA Ce-525
OM-OPE Ce-525
OM-OPR Ce-525
OM-RAN B-737
OM-??C ATR-42
EI-DCM B-737 (Our late ride home)
N200UP Da-50
N41432 Pa-23 (Stored)
SU-KBA a-320
VQ-BCP A-319
9A-DAX Pa-23
OM-ASP Mis-Pole
OM-HYA Mis-Pole
OM-??? ATR-42
??-??? Let-410 (White)
??-??? Let-410 (Green Primer no wings or tail)
??-??? Md-80 (Its tail looked like the old Finnair logo)
??-??? Md-80 (Dark red tail with White curles in)
??-??? Pa-46 (In hangar stripped of paint)
After the arrival of out **LATE ** Ryanair flight (No fan fair of trumpets on this flight)
Stansted 25-09-09
Note on our return here
West side (Old terminal area and "Tree's" area)
D-AVR? BAe-146 DLH
????? BAe-146 (White with Red stripe on tail)
????? B-727
????? B-767
????? Ce-525 (In trees)
????? Ce-550 (In trees)
????? Ce-560 (In trees)
????? EMB-135
????? Gulf-2tt
????? Gulf-4/5

N3??UP B-767
G-EZEA A-319
EI-DPE B-737
EI-DWP B-737
EI-DWX B-737
EI-EBK B-737
EI-EFE B-737
EI-EFL B-737
EI-EFO B-737
TC-JRH A-320
And that was another trip over, My thanks to
Andy S
Kev M
And all the Air Force staff who helped out with the visits in Slovakia

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