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DUBAI AIR SHOW  The end of an era?                 Kevin Perry/Ian Ellington

Well the time was here again for another blast to the Middle East!! 

I went to Dubai for the first time last year and had a couple of stop over’s while on my way to South Africa to co inside with the Dubai Air show!    You get real close to the runway, so with line up/landing shots of the airliners etc being real tasty it definitely had to be revisited this year for the MEBA! “Middle East Business Aviation”. Taking shots of aircraft is a big problem in the Middle East so this really is the only chance of shooting some tasty movements  “With HOPEFULLY no one threatening to lock you up!!!!!” As would be the case if visiting at any other time than the Air show!!! 

As I had mentioned last year I went via Dubai so went with emirates, but after checking prices! KLM seemed to be the better option as I’d have a full day at Amsterdam on the way out and return!  Anyway so on the morning of Fri 14th November it was up very early to catch the first KLM Fk100 out of DTV!  PH-OFG was the aircraft that night stopped along with the usual Eastern Jetstream and bmi-regional RJ145!  Nothing else of note at DTV

 Amsterdam Fri 14/11/08

The weather was terrible on touching down at Amsterdam!!!!   I had planned on walking round to 24/06 runway where there’s an excellent viewing area!! “But to be honest” didn’t fancy it with the weather being so bad, so just stopped up on the roof terrace all day to keep out of the rain!!

As I’ve mentioned before in reports! This is just a log of the shots that I took as I'm not a spotter so their was plenty that didn’t get identified!!!! Especially in Dubai!!!

5A-ONB A320 Afriqiyah Airlines
B-2440 B747-400F Jade Cargo
EC-JFF A320 Vueling
EI-DFA A319 Meridiana
G-BPEK B757 British Airways Open Skies!
HB-IHX A320 Edelweiss
HB-JJA B737-700 PrivatAir operates for KLM
JA05KZ B747-400F Nippon Cargo
LY-AQX B737-300 Lithuanian Airlines
OE-LNO B737-700 Lauda
OO-THD B747-400F Emirates Cargo
P4-KCA B767-300 Air Astana
PH-AHQ B767-300 Arkefly
PH-CKA B747-400F KLM Cargo
PH-MCL B767-300 Martinair (Retro Colors!!)
S5-AAE Canadair CRJ200 Adria Airways (Microsoft Dynamics Colors!!)

My flight to Dubai wasn’t until 20.50pm so once the spectators gallery closed at 17.00pm it was down to the easy chairs in the terminal for a bit of a chill before boarding the flight!!  Anyway the time soon passed as did the flight onboard PH-BQB Boeing 777-200 which took 5 hrs 50mins!!

Dubai Sat 15/11/2008

Kev wasn’t arriving until 6pm so I headed straight to the Sheraton.  For a small fee you can use the Sheraton’s roof even if you’re not staying there!! “Which was the case for us” as we were booked into the Eureka just round the corner! Anyway the Sheraton is not to bad for shots but ideal for the spotter!!! The only problem at Dubai is they seem to change runways about 12pm every day!! Once they do then its time to put the camera away!! “Like I say” still good for the spotter though as you can still read everything off as they climb away over the roof or land!!

Of interest

A40-BR B737-800 Oman Air
A6-ALA Bell 412 Aerogulf
A7-AEE A330-300 Qatar Airways (2006 Asian Games colors!!)
A9C-BAY A320 Bahrain Air
A9C-EB A320 Gulf Air
EP-ASX FK100 Iran Aseman
EP-CPN TU154M Caspian Airlines
EP-IBV A300 Iran Air
EP-IRS B727-200 Iran Air
EP-MHG A300 Mahan Air
N587FE MD11 Fed Ex
P4-KCB B767-300 Air Astana

Dubai Sun 16/11/2008 

After a real tasty breakfast it was into the taxi for the first day at the show!!!! We had managed to arrange some press passes through a colleague so once we got them it was straight to the front of the queue each morning!! Not that it was that busy!!!!!!

MEBA Show Aircraft

9H-AFK A3191-115CX
A6-ASQ CL604 Challenger
A6-DJL Gulf stream G450
A6-DNH CL605 Challenger
A6-FLB Eurocopter EC130
A6-FLG Gulf stream G450
A6-FLL ERJ135 Legacy
A6-PJB Hawker 900XP
A6-RJA Gulf stream G300
A6-RJX B737-700(BBJ)
A6-SAB Ce525B Citation jet CJ3
D-BADA Dornier 328JET
D-CJAF Learjet 60
EI-GEM Hawker 850XP
G-POWB Be350 Super King Air  Titan Airways
HB-IDJ Canadair CRJ100SE
HB-JET Falcon 2000
HB-JEX Global Express
HB-JSZ Falcon 7X
HZ-KSRD Hawker 800XP
I-FEMA P180 Avanti
JY-RYN Ce650 Citation
LZ-YUR CL604 Challenger (Air Lazur titles!!)
N108GF P180 Avanti
N150GD Gulf stream G150
N166CL Challenger 300
N168BG Ce560XL Citation Excel
N190CK Eclipse 500  (MyJet Aviation Colors!! New Turkish Operator!!)
N200GA Gulf stream G200
N223SV Ce680 Citation Sovereign
N234GX Global Express XRS
N241FR CL601-3A Challenger
N365LL AS365 Dauphin
N36LG Global Express
N370TS CL604 Challenger
N390EU Premier
N3UY   Ce400  (Cirrus Copy!!)
N452NS Gulf stream G450
N550GD Gulf stream G550
N565EU Hawker 400XP
N5UD  Ce525 Citation jet CJ1+
N604ST CL604 Challenger
N605GG CL605 Challenger
N60XR Learjet 60XR
N635BR Canadair CRJ200
N66ZB B737-700(BBJ)
N6UE   Ce208B Caravan
N712VP Ce750 Citation
N737L B737-700(BBJ)
N749BA Challenger 300
N785JH P180 Avanti
N797CC Ce650 Citation
N7SJ   Swearingen/SINO SJ30
N826CM Ce510 Citation Mustang  (Blink Colors!!)
N887WS Global Express
N888WU Canadair CRJ200ER
N900BZ Falcon 900
N901MD Falcon 900
N920DS B737-700(BBJ)
N933ML CL605 Challenger
N974JD Hawker 4000
OE-IGS Global Express
OE-ILI Challenger 850 (Vistajet Colors!)
UP-CS401 Ce650 Citation
VH-DBT Gulf 4
VP-BMS Falcon 900
VP-BNH Challenger 850
VP-BOZ Falcon 900
VP-CJD Dornier 328JET
VP-CSK B737-800(BBJ2)
VP-CYA P180 Avanti
VQ-BAM Global Express
VT-MGF CL604 Challenger (Reg tapped over!! But under wing!!!!

Others of interest

4K-AZ54 A320 Azerbaijan Airlines
4R-ALB A330 Sri Lankan
91-0108 Gulf C-20F US Army
9K-AKC A320 Kuwait Airways
9K-CAE A320 Jazeera
9K-CAG A320 Jazeera
9M-MKV A330-200 Malaysia
9M-MPS B747-400F MASkargo
A40-BN B737-800’s Oman Air (New Colors!!)
G-CEJP B737-800’s Oman Air (New Colors!!)
A6-CYS Learjet 60
A6-EDA A380 Emirates
A6-EFR PA28 Cherokee
A6-ESC DC9-30 Eastern Skyjets  (All white)
A6-FLS Agusta A109
A6-GDP B747-200F Emirates Government
A6-GJB Ce560 Citation XLS
A6-JUD B737-300 Silver Air
A6-MBH CL604 Challenger
A6-NKL ERJ135 Legacy
A6-SSV ERJ135 Legacy
A6-YST Be1900D Emirates Government
A7-ADK A321’s Qatar Airways
A7-ADV A321’s Qatar Airways
A7-AFB A300F Qatar Cargo
A7-DZL DR42 Twin Star
A9C-EI A320 Gulf Air
A9C-EO A320 Gulf Air
AP-BCA B737-300 Pakistan International
AP-BGO A310-300 Pakistan International
AP-BHA B737-200 Shaheen Airlines
AP-BHE Ce550 Citation
AP-BRJ A321 Air Blue
B-16113 MD11F EVA Cargo
B-HKH B747-400F Cathay Pacific Cargo
B-KAE B747-400F Dragonair Cargo
EK-32008 A320 Armavia
EP-ASC B727-200 Iran Aseman
EP-AST FK100 Iran Aseman
EP-CPG TU154M Caspian Airlines
EP-EAH FK50 Aria Air
EP-IBL A310-300 Iran Air
EP-ICF A300F Iran Air Cargo
EP-LCE FK50 Kish Air
EP-MNA B747-400 Blue Sky
ET-AKF B757 Ethiopian Airlines
EY-533 B737-200 Skylink Arabia
EY-535 B737-300 Skylink Arabia
F-GZCM A330-200 Air France
F-HIVA Ce525 Citation jet
F-OHJY A319 Kayala
F-OHPS A310-300 Yemania
HS-TEJ A330-300 Thai
HZ-AEO ERJ170 Saudia
HZ-AFV Gulf 4
HZ-AFY Gulf 4
HZ-AKA B777-200 Saudi
HZ-AP3 MD90 Saudia
HZ-APT MD90 Saudia
HZ-KSRC Hawker 800XP
J-755 Gulf 4 Pakistan Air Force
JY-AYL A319 Royal Jordanian
JY-JAB B737-300 Jordan Aviation
JY-JAN B737-300 Jordan Aviation
LY-AWE B737-500 SCAT
M-FMHG Gulf 4
N329UP B767-300F UPS
N371BC B737-800(BBJ2)
N415MC B747-400F Emirates Cargo
N497MC B747-400F Emirates Cargo
OO-THC B747-400F Emirates Cargo
N493MC B747-400F Atlas Air
N512MC B747-200F Atlas Air
N525MH Falcon 900
N592FE MD11F Fed Ex
N757MA B757
N827NS Hawker 800XP
N828NS Hawker 800XP
OE-HFA Falcon 2000
OE-ITH CL604 Challenger
OK-TVG B737-800 Travel Service
RA-85784 TU154M Taban Air
RA-86125 IL86 Atlant Soyuz
S2-ACR DC10-30 Biman
S2-ADF A310-300 Biman Airlines
S9-SAM AN12 British Gulf
ST-ATB A300 Sudan Airways
SU-GCJ A330-200 Egypt Air
TS-IOO B737-700(BBJ) Tunisian Government
UP-17607 IL76 (All White!!)
VP-BAB B727-100
VP-BCZ A320 S7 Airlines
VP-BEN Global Express
VP-BTC Gulf stream G550
VP-BZE Falcon 7X
VP-BZR A320 Aeroflot
VT-ALN B777-300 Air India
VT-AXE B737-800 Air India Express
VT-AXG B737-800 Air India Express
VT-AXX B737-800 Air India Express
VT-EPO A320’s Indian Airlines
VT-EPP A320’s Indian Airlines
VT-PPJ A321 Air India
YA-KMF MD83 Kam Air

Dubai Mon 17/11/2008

We left the show early today “5pm” as we had planned on doing a bit of sight seeing down Jeremiah beech area!! What a tasty place it is!!!!  We had a few beers in the 360 bar which is on a man made island that overlooked the berj hotel!!!!!  You have to get an electric Buggy to get to the bar as it’s out in the ocean!! But well worth the visit!!! The views are real tasty and what a way to chill after a hard day working the camera!!!

4K-AZ40 IL76 Silk Way
4R-ALA A330-200 Sri Lankan
5Y-KYC B737-800 Kenya Airways
94-0323 Be C-12R  US Army
9K-ALC A310-300 Kuwait Airways
A40-BB B737-800 Oman Air
A6-EDB A380 Emirates
A6-EFC A310-300F Emirates Cargo
A6-FCA Be1900 Falcon Express Cargo Airlines
A6-INF Gulf 3
A6-IUD B737-300 Silver Air??
A6-QFY L100 Hercules Maxiumus Air Cargo
A7-ADI A320 Qatar Airways
A7-ADK A321 Qatar Airways
A9C-EI A320 Gulf Air
A9C-EU A319 Gulf Air
AP-BGQ A310-300 Pakistan International
B-2490 B767-300 Hainan Airlines
B-HUS B747-400F Cathay pacific Cargo
B-KAG B747-400F Dragonair Cargo
EP-ASZ FK100 Iran Aseman
EP-CPG TU154M Caspian Airlines
EP-IBL A310-300 Iran Air
EP-IRT B727-200 Iran Air
EP-LCB FK50 Kish Air
EP-MNC B747-400 Blue Sky
ET-AKE B757 Ethiopian Airlines
EX-75466 IL18 National Paints!!!!!!
F-OHJX A319  Khayala
G-MKCA B747-200F MK Airlines
HS-TEH A330-300 Thai
HZ-AEN ERJ170 Saudi
HZ-AKG B777-200 Saudi
HZ-APG MD90 Saudi
HZ-AP7 MD90 Saudi
HZ-HA1 Gulf 2TT
JY-AYK A321 Royal Jordanian
LZ-BVV Learjet 60
N301UP B767-300F UPS
N408MC B747-400F Emirates Cargo
N589FE MD11F Fed Ex
N623FE MD11F Fed Ex
N754SA B747-200F Sourthern Air
N809MC B747-200F Atlas Air
N91CW Gulf 5
OH-LBU B757 Finnair
OY-KBI A340-300 SAS
P4-MAS B757 Air Astana
RA-85761 TU154M Taban Air
SP-ZSZ Challenger 300
SU-GCJ A330-200 Egypt Air
TC-JCV A310-300F Turkish Cargo
TC-OGK A320 Atlas Air
VP-BAR Falcon 7X
VP-BEA Falcon 50
VP-BRA Falcon 2000
VP-BRX A320 Aeroflot
VP-CMM ERJ135 Legacy
VT-ALK B777-300 Air India
VT-AXE B737-800  Air India Express
VT-AXN B737-800  Air India Express
VT-AXP B737-800  Air India Express
VT-EPJ A320  Indian Airlines
VT-EVO A320  Indian Airlines
YL-BDB B757 Air Baltic

Dubai Tue 18/11/2008

Well it had to happen as you always get one jobs worth!!!!  We had no problems at all at the show and even the police were waving and stopping the jeeps so we could take shots until this one character stopped and told us to only take shots of the show aircraft!!!  To be honest he only told us and no one else,  other people were still using their cameras so we continued to take shots then a Sadam Hussein look a like turned up!!!!!! The big chief!!!!!!!  What an arrogant Bas……..!!!!!  He basically said he would take our cameras off us if we continued and wouldn’t even listen to what we had say!!!!!  So with that in mind we went up some stairs that were on a BBJ and took shots from there! discreetly!!!!!! No more problems with Sadam until he tried to catch us out when he sneaked round inside the fence “this time” in his electric buggy but we seen him and hid the cameras!!!!! Close one!!!!!!! There were 5 of us at this point so we just kept a look out!!!

4R-ALA A330-200 Sri Lankan
5A-ONC A319 Afriqiyah Airlines
70-ADL B737-800 Yemania
94-0325 Be C-12R US Army
9G-AXB DC8-63F Air Charter Express
A6-EDC A380 Emirates
A6-MAF Falcon 900
A6-MBH CL604 Challenger
A6-SUN ERJ135 Legacy
A7-ADE A320 Qatar Airways
A7-AEF A330-300 Qatar Airways (Asian 2006 Games Colors)
A9C-EN A320 Gulf Air
A9C-EV A319 Gulf Air
AP-BEQ A310-300  Pakistan International
AP-BGO A310-300  Pakistan International
AP-BHA B737-200 Shaheen Airlines
B-2490 B767-300 Hainan Airlines
B-KAF B747-400F Dragonair Cargo
D-ABON B757-300 Condor (The love plane!!!)
D-AIGX A340-300 Lufthansa
EC-JVF Ce560 Citation XLS
EI-DZR A320 Rossiya
EI-UNX B777-200 Transaero
EK-32008 A329 Armavia
EP-ASC B727-200 Iran Aseman
EP-IBV A300 Iran Air
EP-ICF A300F Iran Air Cargo
EP-MNA B747-400 Blue Sky
EP-QFB Yak 42 Fars Air
EY-538 B737-400 Skylink Arabia
F-GZCC A330-200 Air France
F-OHGX A320 Roayl Jordanian
G-MKCA B747-200F MK Airlines
HB-JFO Challenger 300
HZ-AEN ERJ170 Saudi
HZ-AKA B777-200 Saudi
HZ-APC MD90’s Saudi
HZ-APM MD90’s Saudi
J-756 Gulf 4 Pakistan Air Force!!!
JY-AWB Be200 Super King Air
LX-AAA Global Express
LX-GCV B747-400F Cragolux
LX-UCV B747-400F Cragolux
N525HB Ce525A Citation jet CJ2
N572UP B747-400F UPS
N579FE MD11F Fedex  Emergency Landing!! No flaps!! MD11F’s Fed Ex
N589FE MD11F Fedex
N601FE MD11F Fedex
RA-85101 TU154M Tartatstan Airlines
S2-ADF A310-300 Biman
SU-GCI A330-200 Egypt Air
SU-LBJ A320 Kuwait Airways (Basic Colors!)
SX-IFB Guflstream G200
TC-ACU A300 ATC Cargo
UR-CBN MD82 (Aero Asia Basic Continental Colors!!)
UR-DAA A320 Donbassaero
VP-BBR B757 Azerbaijan Airlines
VP-BFZ A320 Ural Airlines
VP-BHN B737-800(BBJ2)
VP-BRS B737-500 Aviacharter
VP-BSZ A310-300 S7 Airlines
VP-BWE A320 Aeroflot
VP-BWY B737-500 Aeroflot Don
VP-CMG Gulfstream G450
VT-AXX B737-800 Air India Express
VT-BPL A310-300 S7 Airlines
VT-EPC A320 Indian Airlines
VT-EVO A320 Indian Airlines

Dubai 19/11/2008

Today we had arranged a visit to Ras al Khaimah Airport, but it fell trough as the the girl I was mailing had an emergency leave and one of her colleagues didn’t follow up the leads/ramp passes/ Security clearance etc that we needed!!  we were told by the Aeroprints group who were there on the Mon that there were 2 IL18s, “2 B707s and 16 IL76s and 2 Tristars!!!!!  HEAVEN!!!!!!!!  You can’t beat the old Smokey ones!!!!!!!   Anyway with that in mind I got the handkerchiefs out!!!!!!!! Gutted!!!!! So after I’d had a talk to myself we headed up to the Sheraton’s roof and stayed there until they switched then just chilled on the roof of our hotel!

Of interest

5A-DQA IL76 Global Aviation!!!!!
9K-CAC A320 Jazerra
A40-BA B737-800 Oman Air (New Colors!)
A6-ALA Bell 412 Aerogulf
A6-FCB Be1900 Falcon Express Airlines Cargo
A6-UGH ERJ135 Legacy
A7-ADS A321 Qatar Airways
A9C-BAH Gulf 4
A9C-ET A321 Gulf Air
EP-ASZ FK100 Iran Aseman
EP-ATX ATR72 Iran Aseman
EP-IBV A300 Iran Air
EP-QFB Yack 42 Fars Air
F-OHJY A319  Kayala
G-EMLI CL604 Challenger
G-LVLV CL604 Challenger
HZ-AEF ERJ170 Saudi
HZ-APU MD90 Saudi
JY-AGQ A310-300F Royal Jordanian Cargo
N596FE MD11F Fed Ex
N604TC CL604 Challenger
P4-FAS B757 Air Astana
P4-SVM ERJ135 Legacy
RA-87584 TU154M Taban Air
SU-GCG A330-200 Egypt Air
VP-BGN Gulf stream G550
VP-BOA CL601-3A Challenger
VT-AXH B737-800’s Air India Express
VT-AXR B737-800’s Air India Express

Kev was leaving on a Gulf Air flight back to Bahrain at 10pm and my flight wasn’t until 2am Thursday so I just sat and chilled and waited for my flight back to Amsterdam which was on board PH-BQB B777-200 “again”. 

Amsterdam Thur 20/11/2008

On landing at Amsterdam the weather “again” was awful so just decided to stay up the Spectators Gallery all day!!

B-18207 B747-400 China Airlines
B-2421 B747-400F Jade Cargo
B-2430 B747-400F Great Wall Airlines
CN-ROP B737-800 Royal Air Maroc
CS-DHQ Ce550 Citation Bravo
EI-DMJ B767-300 Jetairfly
EP-IBC A300 Iran Air
G-BPEJ B757 British Airways Open Skies
HA-LMA FK70 Malev
LY-AZY B737-500 Lithuanian Airlines
N493MC B747-200F Atlas Air
N524MC B747-200F Atlas Air
N546US B757 Northwest
N803NW A330-200 Northwest
N805NW A330-200 Northwest
N817NW A330-200 Northwest
N820NW A330-200 Northwest
OE-LNO B737-700 Lauda
OM-NGB B737-700’s SkyEurope
OM-NGL B737-700’s SkyEurope
P4-KCA B767-300 Air Astana
PH-AHY B767-300 Arkefly
PH-KBX FK70 Dutch Government
PH-MCL B767-300 Martin Air (Retro Colors!!)
PH-RPV MBB105 Dutch Police
PZ-TCM B747-300 Surinam Airlines
SU-GBU A321 Egypt Air (New Colors!!)
TC-APH B737-800 Pegasus (Dedeman Hotels & Resorts Titles)
TC-JDN A340-300 Turkish Airlines
TC-SNB B757 Sun Express
TC-SUU B737-800 Sun Express
UR-GAM B737-400 Ukraine International
VP-BIJ B747-200F Air Bridge
YL-BBE B737-300 Air Baltic

Once the gallery had closed it was again down to the easy chairs in the terminal for some zzzzzzss and wait for my flight to DTV which was PH-OFN Fk100!! As expected nothing of note in a cold and windy DTV on arrival!!!!

In a nut shell! It’s going to be interesting to see the reports for next years Dubai Air show as its being held at the new Airport “which opens shortly!!”  I'm sure it won’t be as good as previous years for the chance to shoot some tasty movements!!! “So for me” it really is the end of an era!!!!  Hope I'm wrong?????

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Ian Ellington & Kevin Perry

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