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Compiled by : Ian McMaster & Dave Anderson
This list has been assembled from sources considered reliable, however as with any non-official listing there may at times be one or two corrections that need to be made. If you can contribute any new or updated information please go to the website homepage and click ''e mail the updating team''
A big thank you to the following for their input and feedback:-
Phil Cross; Lawrence Fizia; Steve Martin; Don McLoughlin; Jon; Mark Presswood; Nick; Dave Tuplin;
Rod Webb, Trevor Lloyd, Andy Court, Mick Leahcim, Bones & Paul Jarvis, Trubb (A special thanks for all of the historic data which has completed many gaps), Tom Wylie, Iwan Davies, Chris Globe,Steve Cheeseman, Skywatch, Mike Stanners.
Last Update : 23rd April 2014
02/04/2014 - It has been brought to our attention that some of the Bae Typhoon codes have been changed, we are
not sure if this is after routine maintenance or is for tactical purposes. Those that we know of, are incorporated 
into this update, a visual check is advised rather than assume tie ups
RECENT CHANGES (For the Next Update)
Hex Code Regn. A/C Type Date Remarks
43C679 (ZF205) Tucano T1 08/04/14 Noted 1st time as LOP43 serial needs confirming maybe ZF204!!
43C73B ZK355 Typhoon 10/04/14 Test flight out of Warton
43C47E ZR352 AW 101 Merlin 13/04/14 Active in Yeovil area as "WHE01"
43C56D ZZ400 Wildcat AH1 13/04/14 Serial tie up
43C6E6 ZZ382 Wilcat HMA1 13/04/14 Serial tied up from 01/04/14 as "WHE02"
43C67E (ZF243) Tucano T1 16/04/14 Noted flying for 1st time as LOP19 serial needs confirming
43C635 ZH544 Seaking 17/04/14 Noted flying with serial in c/s box fits with sequence/
43C77C ZK353 Typhoon FGR4 17/04/14 Delivered to Coningsby as "Typhoon 1" serial confirmed
43C679 ZF204 Tucano T1 18/04/14 Visited Teesside as Swift 2 on 14/04
43C786 ZK389 Typhoon EFA 22/04/14 First time noted out of Warton "Typhoon 1"
43C787 ZK390 Typhoon EFA 23/04/14 Noted out of Warton as "Tarnish 69" (repl 43C78D used before)
(If you are aware that any of the Conflicts have been fixed please E Mail the Updating Team)
Hex Code Regn. A/C Type Date Remarks
000001   A330 Voyager 13/04/2014 Used by a number of aircraft inc USAFE F15 etc.
000100   Tornado GR4 25/03/2013 Noted as Saxon 1 (25/03/13) & Vandal 01 (26/03/13) - Not an Indian IL76
03C059 ZA541 Tornado GR4 04/10/2012 Should be using 43C159
03C080   Tornado GR4 18/10/2012 As yet not identified
03C094 ZA600 Tornado GR4 01/03/2013 Another box miscoded out of Marham
03C0C9 ZA472 Tornado GR4 23/05/2012 Was noted as MRM88 code should be 43C1C9
03C16D ZA556 Tornado GR4 06/12/2012 Operating as WTN21 Lossiemouth-Marham (Ferry Flight)
053977 ZK001 Merlin HC3 25/08/2012 Should be using code 43C617
260701   Typhoon EFA? 09/04/2014 Possibly used by Typhoon out of Warton
430382 ZA400 Tornado GR4 27/06/2013 Overshot Teesside, should be 43C182
43455F XZ670 Lynx AH7 11/04/2012 Should be using code 43C51F, still wrongly allocated in Nov 12.
43C0C9 XX456 Gazelle AH1 03/10/2012 Used by Tornado GR4 ZA472 which should be using 43C1C9
43C129 ZG997 Islander AL1 03/10/2012 Used by Tornado GR4 ZA598 which should be using 43C179
43C139 XW665 Nimrod (Not) 07/05/2013 Noted active again. Not a Nimrod as the rego. Would suggest
43C14B ??? Tornado GR4 30/10/2012 Noted as 617 Sqn Tornado GR4 not a C130 which also uses this code, the GR4 however fits the expected sequence, first noted as WTN21
43C1BF ZD948 & ZD739 Tristar / Torn  20/02/2013 One code used by two aircraft, the Totnado GR4 should be 43C1BA
43C1E4 ZJ705 / ZJ136 B412 / Merlin 20/10/2013 ZJ136 has been noted recently using the code allocated to ZJ705
43C1F9 ZJ133 Merlin HC3 14/08/2012 Was noted flying with ZJ134 in the callsign box on SBS
43C225 ZJ130 Merlin HC3 09/12/2013 Was noted flying with ZJ122 in the callsign box on SBS
43C25E ZJ166 Apache AH1 28/03/2012 Visual sighting of ZJ173 using this code, but still used by ZJ166
43C26B ZJ214 Apache AH1 02/09/2013 Visual sighting of ZJ214 using this code
43C2CE XZ726 Lynx HMA8 06/08/2012 Noted flying with XZ731 in the SBS callsign box
43C2D0 XZ729 Lynx HMA8 21/07/2013 Noted flying with XZ729 in the SBS callsign box
43C2FB ZJ990 Merlin HC3A 06/11/2012 Interin code for ex Danish AF machine - recoded 43C612
43C2FC ZJ992 Merlin HC3A 06/11/2012 Interin code for ex Danish AF machine - recoded 43C613
43C2FD ZJ994 Merlin HC3A 06/11/2012 Interin code for ex Danish AF machine - recoded 43C614
43C2FE ZJ995 Merlin HC3A 06/11/2012 Interin code for ex Danish AF machine - recoded 43C615
43C2FF ZJ998 Merlin HC3A 06/11/2012 Interin code for ex Danish AF machine - recoded 43C616
43C300 ZK001 Merlin HC3A 06/11/2012 Interin code for ex Danish AF machine - recoded 43C617, also used by AACHF XP820 & XT626 not sure which is current
43C326 ZH860 C130J Hercules 25/05/2012 Noted around the Galashiels area with ZH828 in the SBS c/s box
43C451 XX317 Hawk T1A (F) 10/10/2008 Mode-S reported as being 43C450 which is allocated to XX316
43C45A (XX326) Hawk T1A 11/10/2012 Hawk climbing out of Leeming using this Hex Code , however XX326 is stored at Shawbury (front section only)
43C4F8 XZ208 Lynx AH7 25/04/2012 Was noted as a Chinnok
43C549 ZG919 Lynx AH9 15/04/2012 Was noted with XZ729 in the callsign box on SBS
43C613 ZJ992 Merlin HC3 20/04/2012 Noted at Cranfield with ZJ992 in the SBS c/s box so has there been a code change ?
43C614 ZJ994 Merlin HC3 17/04/2012 Was noted at Cranfield with ZJ992 in the c/s box & quoted by pilot to ATC as ZJ992
43C62A (XZ597) Sea King HAR3 17/10/2013 Was noted flying in the Valley Area with XZ598 in the callsign box
43C62B (XZ598) Sea King HAR3 30/09/2013 Was noted flying in the Valley Area with XZ599 in the callsign box
43C62C (XZ599) Sea King HAR3 30/09/2013 See note above re 43C62B
43C6CF ZK317 Typhoon FGR4 18/12/2012 Now flying as ZK340 (Havoc 41) at Coningsby. - ZK317 departed to Leuchars on 13/12/12 - we now have two with the same code.
43C719 ZJ272 & ZJ273 Squirrel HT1 29/01/2013 Same code on both aircraft when airborne at the same time
43C72E ZJ246 Squirrel HT1 18/09/2013 Was noted flying as ZJ244
43CAE7 ZK333 Typhoon FGR4 28/11/2012 Now coded 43C73A - see note below
43CAEB ZK337 Typhoon FGR4 05/11/2012 Now coded 43C748 - Maybe this batch are all being recoded.
43CB0B   Typhoon 09/05/2013 Noted with Winston 41 as the callsign
5C4269   Apache 09/04/14 As yet unidentified miss code
AAAAAA Various Typhoon   Various Factory default setting for many Mode-S Boxes on newly delivered aircraft.
C3C361 ZA299 Sea King HC4 15/02/2011 Has been flying with this code since 03/11 with Fly Navy in c/s box
(XV249) Registration in brackets = Forecast allocation based on a pattern to allocations but not a confirmed allocation
XV249 Registration in 'Bold Red text' is a registration or allocation that may be suspect due to mode-s box swapping etc.
XV249 Registration & Aircraft Type with 'Strike through' = Allocation not now carried by that aircraft. IE A/C wfu or w/o

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