Durham Tees Valley Airport Security Information

26 July 2012 Update

This is a sample of the new badge, if you haven't ordered one yet and want one please do so quickly.

A copy of the application form and covering letter can be downloaded from here.

12 May 2012 Update

As you may be aware Project PEGASUS is well under way within the General Aviation (GA) Community and in advance of the 2012 Olympic Games.

For those unsure, PEGASUS is a joint Agency initiative that delivers enhanced “vigilance” capability within the aviation community of Durham, providing a hostile environment for the threat from terrorism and organised crime, such as illegal immigration and smuggling to and from the United Kingdom.

The current threat to the UK in particular to GA is real and current.

Remember signs of criminal or terrorist activity:

Test of Security - Attempts to test security and response times when entering restricted areas.

Surveillance - Individuals taking pictures, making notes of security measures or procedures, prolonged activity in one area.

Equipment - Individuals buying unusual equipment or items such as chemicals, uniforms or badges.

Suspicious Characters - People who do not fit into the daily or normal routine of the area.

Please be alert of the possibility of individuals or groups using GA as a means of disrupting the events. If you own or have use of an aircraft please remember to secure it and report thefts immediately, be aware of suspicious activity around airfields and report any suspicious activity to the police on 101 quoting project PEGASUS.

Recently Durham Tees Valley Airport has committed to a future and with KLM also on board the future for Airport and the GA arena certainly looks brighter. There are some changes coming into the GA world with the introduction of the single online public facility for the submission of GAR’s. (General Aviation Report).

As part of Project Pegasus, the ID card scheme has been running since April 2010, we would like to update the cards to run along side Project PEGASUS, and therefore would be grateful if you would feedback to us, by replying to the below e-mail address, if you have found them useful (and if you would like your card updated) or not, or if you have applied and have never received a card if your circumstances are still the same and would like one.  Please feel free to forward this information if you think we may have missed someone who would be interested. In any event in relation to the ID cards it would be appreciated if replies could be received before the end of May 2012.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us on the number below or e-mail to:durhamteesvalleyairport@durham.pnn.police.uk.

Kind regards

Gordon, Andy and Danny

Durham Constabulary

Durham Tees Valley Airport

01325 332061

Card Info

After a long slog, and a lot of hard work particularly from Colin Granton, Durham Police have issued the first tranche of  'Durham Tees Valley Aviation Watch' ID cards. Anyone wanting an Enthusiast ID card, click on the link below for the application form.

Please note that these cards are for ID purposes only and confer no special rights of way at any airfield. They can be used at other airfields as a means of ID which can be checked by Police/Security simply by phoning Durham Police at DTVA who will hold the applications on file.


A copy of the application form and covering letter can be downloaded from here.

For now please carry on as normal, if you are challenged by the authorities be polite and courteous, accept what they say and spot/photograph from where you are allowed. The card does not give you the right to go into areas that you are not allowed, this may involve temporary closure to certain areas or beyond barriers that are in place for a reason. They would also like you not to photograph military or royal flight aircraft on the apron where officials or passengers are anywhere near the aircraft - please consider the reasons why!! If you are unsure ask.

The leaflet below gives you an idea of what you need to look out for and telephone numbers to report any suspicious activities on.