Fokker Tribute

On Saturday 28th October 2017, Fokker 70 PH-KZB departed for the final time on the KL1534/66H at 1020am. There is still a chance we will get a Fokker of some kind on an ad-hoc charter flight on the rare occasion, but they're as good as gone and given the iconic status the aircraft has earned over the years, it's only right that we make this tribute to the type.

This project is very much in it's infancy and needs expanding upon, so please don't hesitate to hit the Contact Us link on the left with information and photos. Thank you to everyone who has sent in photos thus far, we've also transferred relevant photos across from other areas of the website.

A list of aircraft we know or assume to have visited DTVA over the years.

KLM Fleet
Current locations of the KLM Fokker fleet - thanks to Dave Rose.

Photos of various Fokker aircraft at DTVA.