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11/03/18: Some sad news unfortunately; it is with a very heavy heart I've decided to discontinue the Fleet Lists section of this website. As regular viewers will know, I recently changed the format to make updating the pages quicker and easier, and that included an expansion into UK and Ireland airline fleets. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the opposite effect was had and the workload much increased; to a point where civil fleets were not updated at all, business aviation fleets were updated but offline only as I was in the process of reverting back to the previous format, and finally the military section remained unaffected but a technical fault which has seen one of the two pages disappear into the ether was the final nail in the coffin.

I am working on something that would have been a spin-off of the fleet lists section but will now be it's own thing, it's something that requires putting together only and very little in the way of updating, but I won't reveal what it is until it is finished just in case it never reaches fruition.

I may not have finished with the fleet lists for good; they began with UK air taxi and private jet operators and there were two reasons for this; 1) this is my sub-interest within aviation and I consider myself an expert on any and all matters relating to business aviation and 2) there were very few places on the Internet where such fleet information was collated with any real accuracy and at the time of writing we were still the only place where you could find all UK private jet/twin prop operators in one place with fully complete and up-to-date information. So once my enthusiasm-to-motivation balance corrects itself, I may take another crack at GA only.

I will leave you with the below couple of links; the Guide to Business Aviation is a fleet lists spin-off tailored to the general public, and Dave's famous UK Mil Mode-S pages are a sort of fleet list in their own right.

Kind regards

Chris Smith

UK Mil Mode-S
UK military mode-S codes

A Guide To Business Aviation
For our non-enthusiast audience