KLM Fokker 70 Fleet - "Where are they now?"      Dave Rose

The iconic Fokker 70 became DTVs most frequent visitor over the years, plying the Amsterdam route for KLM Cityhopper. The final flights took place in late October, with KLM renewing their fleet with less fuel thirsty Embraer 175's.

However, there is still life in the old birds!! KLM looked after their fleet very well, with no expense spared and most have found new homes in far flung places. The list below shows that most have been snapped up, and the most recent frames are stored awaiting their new operators. The fact that only 2 frames have been scrapped is a true testiment to quality Dutch engineering.

Registration C/N WFU New Reg Operator Current Current Operator
PH-JCH 11528 Mar-14 PJ-JCH Insel Air P4-FKA Insel Air Aruba
PH-JCT 11537 May-14 PJ-JCT Insel Air P4-FKB Insel Air Aruba
PH-KZA 11567 Oct-16 P2- Air Niugini    
PH-KZB 11562 Oct-17   Stored    
PH-KZC 11566 Jul-17 OO1 Myanmar Air Force    
PH-KZD 11582 Feb-17 P2- Air Niugini    
PH-KZE 11576 Mar-17 2-KKZE Leasing Company OO2 Myanmar Air Force
PH-KZF 11577 Oct-15 P2-ANT Air Niugini    
PH-KZG 11578 Feb-14 P2-ANR Air Niugini    
PH-KZH 11583 May-14 PJ-FKC Insel Air P4-FKC Insel Air Aruba
PH-KZI 11579 Oct-17   Stored    
PH-KZK 11581 Oct-17   Stored    
PH-KZL 11563 Oct-17   Stored    
PH-KZM 11561 Oct-17   Stored    
PH-KZN 11553 Dec-15 P4-FKD Insel Air Aruba    
PH-KZO 11538 Jan-16 P2-ANU Air Niugini    
PH-KZP 11539 Oct-17   Stored    
PH-KZR 11551 Sep-17 P2-ANY Air Niugini    
PH-KZS 11540 Oct-17   Stored    
PH-KZT 11541 Sep-16   Scrapped    
PH-KZU 11543 Oct-17   Stored    
PH-KZV 11556 Jan-14 PZ-TFA Fly AllWays    
PH-KZW 11558 Apr-14   Scrapped    
PH-WXA 11570 Mar-14 PZ-TFB Fly AllWays    
PH-WXC 11574 Apr-14 P2-ANV Air Niugini    
PH-WXD 11563 Oct-16 P2-ANZ Air Niugini