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Saxon Air Norwich - "Ultimate FBO"

Dave Rose   26/9/11

A business meeting in Norwich and an overnight at an airport hotel meant I could catch up with things at Norwich. Since my last visit 2 years ago an enormous FBO has been developed by Saxon Air, and a friends son is the Operations Manager!! To make things even more interesting my mate hitched a ride down from MME on G-KLNR as it was positioning after its round trip to Palma!! He left MME at 1902 and landed at NWI at 1932, that's travelling in style.

Once inside I was given the grand tour, Saxon is owned by Roger Klyne (hence the regs) who is a successful local businessman. He bought the company in 2009 and has a vision for the future. The massive complex is divided into 3 main sections, Saxon Air have their operations on the right side, with hangar space for the fleet. Offices, Pilot rest suites and planning is located in the middle section and the hangar on the left is available for lease, at the moment there are some helicopters inside but the vision is for an offshore terminal concept. The waiting area complete with check in desks and immersion suit changing is complete and ready for use, currently Bond and Bristow are located on the airfield, so who knows.

I was given access to all of the fleet (photos below), and this currently consists of -

G KLNB Beech 350     FL-631  
G KLNR BJ400A     RK-552  
G MICE Cessna 510 Mustang   510-0156 Ops on SXN AOC
G KLNW Cessna 510 Mustang   510-0157  
G KLNP EC-120B Colibri     1492  

Future plans are for a longer range jet in the next 6 months.

Saxon handle all GA / Biz movements at Norwich, the large apron has handled up to BBJ size aircraft and they are kept busy, during my visit they had handled a German Citation, a Belgian Be200 and a DanCopter EC155 helicopter working the rigs.

The FBO complex

Plenty of space












Other Norwich visitors were -

G HLEL American Blimp A-60+   Good Year 010
N 186XP BAe 125 900XP   HA-0186
EI WXB BAe 146 RJ85 Stored-Northwest Old scheme E2311
EI RJK BAe 146 RJ85 Cityjet (Stored) E2348
PH BPB Boeing 737 4Y0 KLM Clrs (stored) 24344
PH BPC Boeing 737 4Y0 KLM Clrs (stored) 24468
PH BTF Boeing 737 406 KLM Clrs (stored) 27232
D CELI Cessna 550     550-0998
F GNLH Fokker 100   Blue Line Clrs (Stored) 11311
F GPXF Fokker 100   All White (stored) 11330
F GNLG Fokker 100   Blue Line Clrs (Stored) 11363
F GIOG Fokker 100   Eagle Airways Clrs (Stored) 11364
EC JCU SA227 Metro III Aero Nova AC-679
OY NPD SA227 Metro 23 Aalborg Airtaxi DC-865B

The Good year Blimp was working for Sky at the Norwich City v Sunderland game





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