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A380 at Manchester     Dave Rose, Ian McMaster and Aidan Williamson       12/9/10


Its been a few weeks since Emirates started their daily A380 service into Manchester and we wanted some shots of the thing before the weather got into the "grim" category. Manchester has been pretty poor this year on the variety front and we have never seen it so quiet, they were only using 23R so that says it all. We spotted from the top of the multi storey dodging some early showers and it got steadily brighter. Etihad have changed to a 77W which made a nice change along with Singapore who have also upgraded from a 772. Manchester has a steady stream of transatlantic schedules, 2 American 757s, 2 Continental 757s, a Delta 763, 757 and a US Airways 333 so its not all bad!!

We moved down to the excellent "Tatton Arms" for some landing shots, the car park became very busy with "That Big Airbus" watchers ready for the scheduled arrival at 12.35pm. It duly appeared on time to much "phewing" and "my gods" from the crowd!!.

We left shortly after as the schedule looked remarkably rubbish!! calling at Leeds, Multiflight's corporate 733 SX-MTF being parked on their apron. Driving up the A1 we spotted a C130 doing circuits at Leeming so popped in for a look, there were 2 plus a couple of Leuchars Tornado F3's, presumably from the recent Families day.

Thats it, a decent day out and a few photos (below)











On with the log -

MANCHESTER 12/9/10        
G EZFI Airbus A319 111 Easyjet 3888
HB IPU Airbus A319 112 Swiss 713
9H AEP Airbus A320 214 Air Malta 3056
D AIQP Airbus A320 211 Lufthansa 346
F GJVW Airbus A320 211 Air France 491
G OZBT Airbus A321 231 Monarch Airlines 3546
G OOPH Airbus A321 211 Thomson Airways 781
OY VKF Airbus A330 243 Thomas Cook Scandinavia 309
N 278AY Airbus A330   US Airways 388
G TCXA Airbus A330 243 Thomas Cook Airlines 795
A7 AEI Airbus A330 202 Qatar Airways 813
A6 EDE Airbus A380 861 Emirates Airlines 017
EI SLG ATR 72 202 Air Contractors 183
EI REI ATR 72 201 Aer Arann 267
G COBO ATR 72 212A Aurigny Air Services 852
LN RPZ Boeing 737 683 SAS 28293
TC SKH Boeing 737 8BK Sky Airlines 29644
PH BGE Boeing 737 7K2 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 30371
G FDZE Boeing 737 8K5 Thomson Airways 35137
TC AAH Boeing 737 82R Pegasus Airlines 35701
EI EBH Boeing 737 8AS Ryanair 37526
PH BGK Boeing 737 7K2 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 38054
G VTOP Boeing 747 4Q8 Virgin Atlantic Airways 28194
G VXLG Boeing 747 41R Virgin Atlantic Airways 29406
B 18718 Boeing 747 409F China Airlines Cargo 30770
B HUP Boeing 747 467F Cathay Pacific Airways 30805
G LSAG Boeing 757 21B Jet2 24014
G LSAC Boeing 757 23A Jet2 25488
N 19117 Boeing 757 224 Continental Airlines 27559
N 17126 Boeing 757 224 Continental Airlines 27566
N 722TW Boeing 757 231 Delta Airlines 29385
G OOBP Boeing 757 2G5 Thomson Airways 30394
N 197AN Boeing 757 223 American Airlines 32391
N 172AJ Boeing 757 223 American Airlines 32400
G OOBC Boeing 757 28A Thomson Airways 33098
G TCCB Boeing 767 31KER Thomas Cook Airlines 28865
N 173DZ Boeing 767 332 Delta Airlines 29692
9V SWR Boeing 777 312ER Singapore Airlines 34583
A6 ETD Boeing 777 3FXER Etihad Airways 34600
5A LAE Canadair RJ900 NG Libyan Arab Airlines 15216
G JEDN DHC Dash 8 402 flybe. 4078
G ECOO DHC Dash 8 402 flybe. 4237
G ECOP DHC Dash 8 402 flybe. 4242
SX SMS Douglas DC-9 83 Viking Hellas Aviation 49631
LN RMM Douglas DC-9 81 SAS 53005
OH LEE EMB 170 100ST Finnair 170-00093
G FBEF EMB 190 200LR flybe. 190-00104
M SAIR Falcon 900 B   141
G RWGW LJ 45     45-213
VP BGS LJ 60     60-289
M OPAL Pilatus PC-12 47E G-GYC Ltd 1179
LEEDS 12/9/10          
SX MTF Boeing 737 329 Multiflight 23774
G LSAA Boeing 757 236 Jet2 24122
N 425ST Cessna 550     550-0709
LEEMING 12/9/10        
ZE 790 Tornado F3      
ZE 838 Tornado F3      
XV 295 C130K Hercules      
ZH 872 C130J Hercules      



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