Aviation Links

Spotting links

Leeds Bradford Spotting blog - Enthusiasts blog for movements, residents, photo's etc

Airport - Spotting.com  - An interesting site covering all topics, includes a blog.

Scramble - A Dutch group catering for civil and military, excellent for Amsterdam spotting through their forum.

TAS Manchester - An excellent site covering all things Manchester, includes daily movements.

Heathrow / Gatwick - Missed something while spotting here? Find it quickly.

AirNet - The ultimate links site, over 25,000 of them!!

Alternative BHX - Excellent Birmingham site, live movements and news.

Air North - The famous Newcastle website. Most of the info can only be accessed by members.

Gatwick Aviation Society - Very good offering, can tie up Hex codes as well

Bristol Airport - Site for spotting info, photo's etc

Luton - A daily movements log

Schipol Movements - A very comprehensive site updated hourly

Manufacturers links

Airbus - Hamburg - Daily updates from this busy factory

Airbus - Toulouse - As above, a comprehensive movements site

Boeing - Daily test flight updates from Seattle

Spotting Trip Info 

Plane Spotting Hotels - Looking for good views?

Krayzeekris - Going on a trip? all your info is here

Photo links

Airliners.net - The biggest and (some people say) best.

Jetphotos.net - Another excellent site, much easier to get your shots published.

Planepictures.net - Very good and varied site from Germany, easy to get stuff published.

Airliner Photography - Hosted by Ian Allen, daily updates from all over the place.


Pprune - The biggest forum out there, the "hub" of the aviation community.

News links

Skyliner - Superb site with daily changes to fleets, has a photo page and a reg change section.

Registrations / Construction Numbers

Airliner Fleets - Just enter your reg or Airline, bobs your uncle.

CAA - The authorities website, just enter the G- number.

Airframes - Find your info using a registration or Hex code.

Accidents / Incidents / Info

Aviation Herald - Fantastic site, hourly news on incidents around the world.

Jacdec - Detailed accident reports. 

The Mesothelioma Centre - info for former aircraft mechanics and asbestos

Virtual Radar

Take your pick!!


ADSB Exchange 


Planeplotter - tutorials and add ons (very useful for those starting out or adding to planeplotter)

Webcams / ATC

St Moritz - 2 live cameras, very busy in winter, timetable link with registrations.

Innsbruck - Excellent 360 view webcam

Salzburg - Excellent 360 view webcam

LAX - A live webcam, rotating view

Miami - Great webcam, with live ATC

Saint Maarten - The famous Maho Beach arrival, with live ATC

Live ATC - Very good site linking many of the worlds airports.

European Airport Web Cams - The best European web cam site in Europe (it claims)

Airport Webcam - Worldwide airport webcams


Save the Trident - former Teesside resident G-ARPO now at the NEAM at Sunderland